The Night Before

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The Night Before is a comedy, where Seth Rogen meets the adult life and friendship journeying from younger days to when you grow mature. There is drugs, comedy and a kind of promise that this sort of thing will not be regular. The characters are likeable, the film plot amusing and familiar, and the opening scene has a Christmas story, animated thematically. Ethan, Issac and Chris – played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie, respectively always spend Christmas Eve together – it has actually been a tradition of sorts for more than a decade. These episodes are filled with behaving like absolute idiots, debauchery of snowmen, taking advantage of alcohol, doing Christmas themed karaoke, making sure Ethan remains happy and looking at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

The film is bittersweet in moments: Isaac has to worry about his pregnant wife cutting off getting drunk into adulthood, Chris has to deal with steroids he’s taking to enhance his performance on the football field because he’s 34 years old and his age is limiting his desire to remain on the field for longer – this is atop social media replacing real life too much, while Ethan is getting over a breakup from his last girlfriend – he refused to meet her parents. When Ethan finds tickets to a special event “The Nutcracker Ball” slated to be the ultimate holiday party, the film turns into a rollercoaster comedy – I especially found the episode very funny when Isaac’s wife gifts him a box of drugs to make him enjoy the party a whole lot more!

Rating: 7/10.


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