Black Mass

Black Mass (film) poster.jpg
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James “Whitey” Bulger is the dominant force in the Winter Hill Gang and he runs a business selling drugs but in Boston’s alleys. The film takes you into the days of the druglord’s reign as a disgusting thug in the eighties and nineties. Working a side job as an FBI agent, who lives to inform the organization, the drama lies in the grisly murders that Bulger is known to seek “satisfaction” from.

It is all business and nothing else in Black Mass and you meet two other shady characters: a brother and a co-worker/family-friend, interested in getting ahead in life with his connections to James but the movie seems too packed, with all these numerous details and lacks coherent focus.

What I enjoyed about it was the dark glory that lies in these “business deals” when in a menacing cloud of mystery, FBI superiors discover the friend offering a deal to James he simply cannot refuse: remove the Italian mafia and let them rule with terrorising the streets of Boston (and a secret dominance battle ensues between the two criminals for this).

Rating: 4/10.


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