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In a comedy film about a chef plotting his return to cooking glory, there is only so much room about a story with diversity thrown in but that is not what you want from a movie that is so absorbing with its culinary details. Bradley Cooper plays this chef shrouded with eye candy appeal and he is not finding it that simple to reclaim glory. He fell from grace because of drugs but now he wants to avoid being an ***hole in people’s eyes and get up on that mantle piece of art-influenced, tiny meals and white plates.

“Who cares about the bad boy behaviour because all that matters is that Michelin star?” seems to be the theme of the movie. There is too much of spunk in the air as Adam eliminates a rival by placing rats in his kitchen and ringing the health department, but then he gets him, another ‘rival one day, friend the other day’ and a punk girl to work for him at his new restaurant because he must win that star at all costs. Do a U-turn because that motive is so bittersweet-interesting!

Rating: 7/10.


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