An Investigator, Murder, Family Drama + Special People

Making A Murderer

I liked this television show because it brings you very close to a case, like those cult investigations in the eighties and the nineties into criminal cases. After being wrongfully convicted of rape, the suspect is freed only to fall upon another criminal investigation involving a murder. Stephen Avery had previously spent 18 years in prison for charges over rape and he is a poor and uneducated pariah who harbors the “loner syndrome”. Many people fight for his release because they believe that the evidence convicting him is not fully real and that law enforcers aren’t always fair because they mix their actions with personal perspectives, which is just an awful and predictable-commonplace understanding of the American legal system.

Rating: C


Luther sees Idris Elba become a professional investigator, whose personal life is never immune from his professional life. His work is dark and dangerous, he resides in a shack atop a cliff by the sea, and spends many moments at the fringes of law with his cases. When a woman with a chaotic life and in possession of a secretive touring habit of Europe gets murdered, and a serial killer is roaming in London, Luther must once again demonstrate he is an ace detective, who wins because of his professionalism and his unethical attitudes, in this riveting BBC original.

Rating: A

Born This Way

The show is about a group of people diagnosed with Down’s syndrome: they live like ordinary people and have ordinary experiences, such as flirtatious behavior, parenthood and owning a fashion line. And you can follow them on their journey through life.

Rating: C

F is for Family

An animated sitcom, with a heart about the mishaps of living in the seventies. Who would have thought that would become a show worth tuning in? It is glorious suburbia as usual as you meet Frank, a baggage handler out to make it big when something mysterious (and funny) removes his boss from the spotlight but this becomes a possibility in the face of an impending strike. There is also his wife Sue who wishes for a life more than looking after her family and plastic container litters. The two have a hyper-sensitive and socially anxious kid, fearful of a bully and the constant subject of pranks by his older sister and a programming-loving drug-taking kid – the show is about the rollercoaster ride of living the suburban life. There are challenging moments of Frank attempting to belong with his crew at work, a public scare over washrooms at football stadiums, confusion over Halloween costumes and an absorption of all the wrong lessons in improvement because of fear.

Rating: B


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