Reviews: Kylie Christmas, Delirium, 25, MMM (Money Making Mitch), Purpose + A Head Full of Dreams

Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas.png
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Kylie Minogue Kylie Christmas

The Christmas album from Kylie Minogue is a disco edition of holiday songs that over the years have come to be regarded as proper classics. Minogue is doing much better than before in choosing the right kind of music, the kind that works for her (and our ears!). Sometimes it can be contemporary and at other times, it sounds proper festive with the presence of strings and woodwinds.

Rating: 3/5.

Ellie Goulding - Delirium (Official Album Cover).png
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Ellie Goulding Delirium

The British pop star is back with her third album and it turns out to be a hit, which is a good comeback in the face of so many awkward returns. The album is colourful with musical instruments, from strings to percussion, and there seems to be no return as she revamps herself into a dance popstar from EDM musical chords, like in her previous albums.

In the song On My Mind you can spot influences from legendary bands, such as Police, and the eighties doesn’t really stop there for the star because she also puts plenty of it in Around U and there is also musical history and what feels like experimental song-writing, aiming to satisfy versatility, in spaces and gospel music spontaneously getting reborn as dance anthems, worth listening to.

Rating: 4/5.

Adele - 25 (Official Album Cover).png
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Adele 25

This album is not meant to be the second part to 21, where the British diva was crooning through heartbreak and tough luck on romance, with a solid stance on the episode. This is about a woman who is tougher and more determined than before, feeling sorry for her past in songs, such as Water Under The Bridge and When We Were Young, and Hello. Going back for more than ten years to look for inspiration is what she does best, and she has got a solid team of songwriters on the album’s avenue, such as Bruno Mars. The album has fiery ballad songs on them and it feels more in control than ever before.

Rating: 3/5.

MMM album cover.jpg
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Puff Daddy MMM (Money Making Mitch)

Puff Daddy is back once again on the techno-fried club scene and this time there is no 50 Cent or homemade YouTube videos making it hard for him to strike a chord with the audience. He was once upon a time known as the rap mogul who did crazy things during MTV Video Music Awards and now he’s back on the block, with a mixtape, filled with funky sounds and a contemporary spin on eighties music.

Rating: 3/5.

Justin Bieber - Purpose (Official Album Cover).png
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Justin Bieber Purpose

The Canadian pop artist has been dubbed as the comeback kid of 2015 and he has promised to be on his best behavior. The aim of this new Bieber album is to prep-talk about life’s struggles and talk about how he made it big: there is a lot of R&B but midtempo and party sounds for the 21-year-old, so it’s exciting to say the least to have more of good club anthems around, for a change.

Rating: 4/5.

Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams.png
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Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams

Coldplay is back with a happy album – the kind that uplifts you about life’s moments. The melodies are rising high and the dance-beats are preppy enough, as you do the feel-good and talk about miracles at play. Coldplay has gathered a nice selection of artists to feature on their latest album, from Beyoncé’s powerful vocals to Noel Gallagher’s guitar strings, and it is always brilliant to have soulful albums to turn to when you need to feel joyful during the holidays.

Rating: 4/5.


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