Hotels in Kolkata

The Corner Courtyard

The hotel is located upon a busy street close to the city centre of Kolkata and it is a delicious treat for the eyes for it’s colourful ambiance. Boosting harlequin floors and European design sketches, the walls are all-white, the rooms are comfortable in a refurbished bungalow; it is the ideal place to drop by if you are travelling as a family, with friends, and staying for the weekend. Each of those rooms are coloured and named names, such as Indigo, Crimson, Charcoal, Ivory and Vermilion. The restaurant further is European and serves scrumptious dishes like salads and pastas.

ITC Sonar

Salt Lake is where this hotel is located in and the space is filled with stone statues from the Pala dynasty. The atmosphere is contemporary and so expect to find water lily ponds reminding you of the finer qualities of West Bengal; in the ponds there are koi carp, morays and goldfish. It’s also got environmentally green credentials to boast about, as well as the biggest local spa filled with massages and facials. Recommended dishes at the in-house restaurants: dal bukhara and steamed bhetki in oyster sauce.

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

Dalhousie Square is the most important business area of Kolkata. It is a refined space, decorated in the style of the 1830s; you can find the bread machine, the rusty irons, the windows boasting views and Indian bedspreads. Recommended dishes to dine in with include: Bengali mustard fish and the English breakfast.

The Park Kolkata

In Park Street, lies a glamorous hotel decorated in purple and silver lights, that is always crowded. The locals cite it as a favourite, and they are often seen enjoying meals here, and when that’s not going on it caters to the young party-lovers crowd, looking for a good night out. When at The Park Kolkata try drinking in a cocktail bar resembling the sixties, or venturing out to the fabulous bars and clubs, nearby. For dining, good ideas would be the rustic minestrone soup, cheese chilli toast, holy basil chingri malai curry, sorse bhindi and a glittering bottle of Dom Perignon to drown it with.


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