Egg Yolks & What To Do With Their Leftovers

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Numerous ways to make good use of egg yolks

Egg yolks can be put to use when they are only in your refrigerator as leftovers. The nature of egg yolks are such that they do not freeze too well and dry up if they remain in the cold and refrigerated state post a day spent in the fridge. Take the yolk and mix it with a little bit of water and place them inside of a coveted container in the refrigerator. If you are careful the egg yolks can remain intact in the water if you only remove them whole, as you want to use them. Aside from that, here are a couple of cooking uses for egg yolks:

Make a creamy smoothie: eggs, protein and omega-3 are the kind of nutrients that makeup eggs. Your smoothie will thus double up as a frothy and healthy drink.

Hollandaise sauce has an egg-base that can be scattered over tasty dishes such as Eggs Benedict and grilled Adriatic salmon, or cloak up steamed asparagus with; the sauce is rich, thick and yellow.

Alfredo sauce has a creamy texture but it is very rich. It’s so rich that you must actually wait for special occasions to delight yourself with the Italian sauce. But crossing out the obvious lack of health benefits to make the sauce a regular thing, whip it up with egg yolks for it is not such a bad idea to your calorie-calculator, to sometimes indulge in ravenous pleasures.

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