Monday…How To Focus?

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Sometimes taking a break from it all is the best remedy to long hours at work. You know that feeling: you are at the office and your shoulders are aching, your eyelids are getting tired and you cannot think of those spreadsheets because your mind is contemplating what’s going to happen in the latest episode of the mistake-comedy Girls. Exercise is the fuel needed to save your body from completely breaking down, and similarly resting time is also needed to spike up productivity efforts for yourself. When you take a break for a minute from the task you are busy with in the now, it can motivate you plenty and also help you to concentrate.

Surfing The Web

Tapping into social media waves, personalised to your liking, will help your mind take a break from all of the work. Leave some daily time aside to browse the internet and to speed up your own yield, and make sure that what you are browsing is even remotely interesting because that fuels your yield as well. But don’t overdo the time-wasting on funny YouTube discoveries because no one likes a slacker who ruins it all in the office.

Little Cute Things

Cute animals, or pictures of them at least, help you to focus more at work, according to research. Imagine: a chihuahua in Burberry, followed by a pack of 69 of them, and you are good to strike it hard in terms of productivity, at work again.


Brain activity eats up glucose, so when you are multitasking you have to think of ways to refresh mental capacity. Grand! For a change, dreaming what it must feel like to float in a turquoise hot air balloon over Clifton, for a few minutes is actually going to contribute to getting more done!

Nap Time

Daily naps aim to help boost your productivity scale because naps inbetween work, according to research should not be confined to preschoolers. A nap will make you feel more alert, help your memory skills and speed up your cognitive abilities. The perfect time to plop on your bed for a nap is from noon to 4pm but if you are on a coffee break then you can always drink a cup and then hit the sack for 15 minutes or maybe even less to wake up feeling considerably refreshed.

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