Meatless Wednesday? Maybe!

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How to incorporate more vegetables in your diet

Eating vegetables everyday is a challenge for eaters who like to actively scrutinise their meals. I cannot live without my regular steaks but I don’t like to live too unhealthy and not have the appropriate amount of veggies too even though the only one that sounds appetising with steaks are a whole lot of lettuce leaves. Here’s how to rework the approach:

Vegetables are not meant to act like a side dish to carbs, such as potatoes, rice or bread. Staple dishes can also be reserved for vegetables once in a while for lunch (in a sandwich maybe?), like for breakfast get scrambled eggs, often but dress it with sautéed vegetables, from peppers to asparagus. Also, when you have leftover vegetables don’t toss it all into the trash can: have it for breakfast or for lunch. 

Your main meal of the day should most definitely have leaves and greens. Have a green salad right before you proceed with the main course because a salad is filled with nutrients and low-kilojoules. It can, as such, act as a leafy appetiser right before you dig into your delicious dinner. One other idea that is worth noting is to try out any day of the week (preferably, one where you get nothing done but countless hours of work) as a meatless day – the drive back home can actually pose more enjoyable with the though of lettuce, poached eggs, cheddar, tomatoes, zucchini and enchiladas on your mind.

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