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Zootopia is an amazing film about a bunch of animals, which behave a lot like human beings. It stars a rabbit called Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), who harbors an adolescent dream of one day becoming a police officer in her hometown, Zootopia. Judy goes on to accomplish that dream, and not only that, she miraculously passes with flying colours at the police academy. However, all is not swell even then because she is stuck at a dead-end job, and with a peer who does not believe she can go very far in life – how bittersweet!

Coming from a rural atmosphere, Judy has high moral standards, and her contemporaries are very different from her – she is a bunny and they are mainly rhinos or elephants, for example. The film also stars her peer Bogo (Idris Elba), and a scam-artist called Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), who is a fox that overtime becomes Judy’s partner to help her prove her mettle as a police officer; Zootopia is directed by Byron Howard (Bolt and Tangled) and Rich Moore (Duck Dodgers in Attack of the Drones and Wreck-It Ralph) and it is a very heartwarming drama about a rabbit chasing her dreams.

I loved the sharp dedication Judy has towards her career: on her very first day,  before noon, she writes 200 tickets at the parking lot she is assigned to, by Bogo. Nick and Judy don’t often get along but when they do…sparks fly and they learn a lot of things about life together! Since the protagonist is a police officer, there is obviously a throw there on the “good vs. bad” plot, and an interesting angle of how a mammal-like animal has suddenly gone savage, with company.

Judy also complicates handling the press, Trump-election-fever gets a mention, as does a presence of intolerance that is not getting cleaned out properly, all thanks to Capitol Hill-centered press figures. The movie is bizarrely believable, and has “ a product of Walt Disney animation” written all over it: there are conservative radios, faulty town-scares, and a fox getting accused of crimes he did not commit.

Rating: 9/10


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