Absolutely Fabulous

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Absolutely Fabulous stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, in a film adaptation of the British television show. Produced by BBC Films and directed by Mandy Fletcher, the story is a hilarious run on a failing PR agency, two irresponsible women and plain nasty antics.

Edina (Saunders) and Patsy (Lumley) are two sixty year old ladies – one who is desperately attempting to save her sinking PR agency, and another one who doesn’t really get her calling much in the film, until she disguises herself as a man to marry a rich lady, for her fortune. “Pat Stone” is what Patsy calls herself during that episode, and it is all amongst a series of funny takes, such as Edina’s overbearing daughter always growing overtly anxious about Edina’s granddaughter, Lola, and Edina managing to carelessly throw Kate Moss into Thames, from the balcony, while attempting to woo Kate to get a job as her new PR – an event which propels Edina and Patsy to run for cover from the police, chasing them, for it.

I liked that the film had “slapstick comedy” written all over it, and that even when it touches on serious subjects, such as Bubble (Edina’s assistant), who is believed at first drowns in Thames, is later revealed to be totally alright because she simply swam her way out of Thames, and when Edina confesses (after getting discovered by her daughter post the chase, in a fish market van sinking-every-second) that she wants to drown in a pool because she feels like accepting, after all this time, that she is old and cannot escape justice, for eternity, they manage to exude a lighthearted airiness, which is most definitely refreshing.

The film is watchable for the funny, for Saunders’ Edina, who seems to have become quite “the lady with the appropriate comic timing”, and a varied range of glamour, from more than five dozen celebrity cameos to the French Riviera, and even mentions of do-it-yourself botox, which keeps the film thoroughly entertaining and very distinct in form and feature.

Rating: 8/10


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