The End Of Summer

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Monsoon season has officially kicked in, in Kuala Lumpur! So imagine the chaos every morning: it’s the regular “where are my keys?” and “where is my mobile phone?” followed by “where is my umbrella?”, before I head out the door to uni. I spent the last couple of days very stressed out because a new term just began for me again, and I so wanted to do well for last term, for the most part, and I didn’t actually see that happen until last week.

I am very poor at handling stress, so the whole episode has been tiresome for me, with a very happy ending, since I did so well last term. I think when the sun stops shinning, it can mean coordinating your home with a whole new look: something that compliments the weather. Modernist furniture is a good idea for that because everything is so fresh, and streamlined…there’s no strict english-heritage-feel involved, unless of course you want to talk about gnomes and fairytales!

Modernist Design



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