Miss Sloane

Miss Sloane is a thrilling tale of a lobbyist called Elizabeth Sloane. The film is directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and the cast involves Jessica Chastain, Jake Lacy, Sam Waterson, Mark Strong, and John Lithgow amongst others. It is an angular story somewhat on a selected range of day-to-day work that Sloane does, hinged on subjects such as senator connections, the probable imposition of tariffs on palm oil and downright harassment of people lower than her in life.

Sloane sports copper hair, pale-as-a-ghost complexion and a steely demeanor – at first sight, it’s hard to imagine Jessica Chastain playing the role because she stands out so much from what comes in your mind as to how a steely woman would look like but the story carries itself so effortlessly, everything blends in absolutely perfect. Sloane has foresight, she knows how to win at guessing games and directing her winning points according to her well-pinned-out guesses, and is so robotic at times, nothing ever earns her surprise.

A very nice look inside the lives of Washington's elite
A very nice look inside the lives of Washington’s elite

Sloane, despite her favourite lipstick shade of crimson (which she wears a lot) and designer heels, is a frightening woman. I mean, when backed into a corner the woman readily expresses her disdain in a lordly tone. Sloane is a private person but she is not a loner because she does keep the company of numerous male escorts, such as Forde, who she sees a lot of. Nonetheless, friends turn foes for Sloane within an instant if it means that she can professionally get ahead.

It’s naturally a subject of debate: Sloane does not strike as a sympathetic character sometimes unlike Esme Manucharian, a survivor of gun violence, who is forced by Sloane to share her personal experiences with the world. You can see how it would be easy in the film to sympathize with Manucharian because of the kind of life she has had and how hard it must be to feel the same way for Sloane fiercely trying to climb the career ladder, no matter the cost and on her own terms. It’s a no-brainer win for Sloane, for me, there because those are the very qualities that make a woman admirable in the twenty-first century.

Sloane manages to disintegrate circumstances around her, where everything just breaks down and goes neurotic, all thanks to her attitude to life but she doesn’t back down from any of it, even going so far as to look forward to being a powerful threatening force in the world. Sloane is the mother-of-all-characters in the film, and the movie is a deep and very good look at the life of a highly successful woman, who always aims to win.

Rating: 8/10


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