‘Hide & Seek’ at the Groninger Museum

A flourishing and thriving circus moment in design

Charcoal furniture, made from burning furniture pieces and layering with a transparent sheet of epoxy to let the pieces be used across homes, forms one of the key design ideologies of a new exhibition by young artist/designer Maarten Baas at the Groninger Museum in Netherlands. At the exhibition, there are also grandfather clocks, a colourful Circus design arrangement inclusive of a fairground and an exploration of Maarten’s own love/hate relationship with Milan’s design atmospheres, and a wooden furniture collection called ‘Carapace’, which is basically wooden pieces enslaved in metal, to exude the appearance of hard-shelled animals, who come with their own protective armour of sorts. Furthermore, a look at what’s coming up is also a part of the design programme, and it includes a collaboration tackling the problems in drawing a line inbetween opinions and news, as well as fiction and cold hard facts.

Maarten Baas’ collaborates with Lensvelt for his next design presentation

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