Simple Ways To Look After Your Teeth

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Why it’s important to brush your teeth regularly

Brushing your teeth regularly might seem like the most tedious of everyday tasks but it’s necessary to keep your teeth clean and free from plaque and buildup of tartar. It’s true: good oral hygiene is necessary to avoid pulp diseases, such as dental pulp stones, which is a very painful disease. How to avoid it though?

It’s not so hard but the starting point is brushing your teeth the right way and for the longest time – two minutes is the ideal amount of time one should spend brushing their teeth, according to the American Dental Association. A stopwatch can be used to time brushing of your teeth, or you can also use your old egg timer from the kitchen but when brushing your teeth ensure that the brushing is done in a 45-degree angle, upward for the top teeth and downward for the bottom teeth to help your brush’s bristles keep your mouth free from plaque.

It’s important to add that a toothbrush should be replaced every two months, with a new one so that the bristles of your toothbrush are still in a solid position to keep your mouth clean. Furthermore, brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing everyday (with dental floss), followed by regular checkups with the dentist can stave off 98percent of all dental diseases. It’s also a good idea to develop a regular habit of brushing your teeth once in the morning and once right before bed, and supplement this good habit with a diet which includes a minimum of black tea, colas, dark juices, gravy and red wine; for smokers, also limit smoking habits to always keep your teeth pearly white and clean.


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