American Made

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Capsule Review

Cast: Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson and Jayma Mays
Genre: Biography
Rating: 7/10

Tom Cruise is refreshing in his new role: he plays Barry Seal, a pilot with a shady past of illegal smuggling of Cuban cigars, who turns his life around when he gets recruited by the CIA to work together with the government in clandestine operations. The secret operations that Barry goes on are dangerous but they act as crucial portals of information – for example, one of Barry’s tasks involved flying a two-engine plane across El Salvador and Honduras to report back on mutinous barracks that work against the government. Cruise’s portrayal of this man who (not-surprisingly) does not change his colors with the opportunities thrown at his feet – Seal, at one point, smuggles in drugs to USA, from Colombia, is really raw; it’s not an empathetic portrayal but with a character like Seal, it’s not meant to be, no matter how thrilling the missions are that he goes on. Seal merely acts as a vehicle to the CIA to get things done, and the movie actually deals with this subject well and does a really good job instead for the most part, playing with grim realities.