Top Romantic Books

Mystery and romance collide to create compelling books that are also nicely lighthearted

A good romantic book is ideal to curl up with when it is down pouring outside. It can make you dream about a fairy tale environment; as these genre of books suggest, contemporary life also provides you with the chance to have a fairy tale of your own.

One Cornish Summer

The protagonist of the novel is a 50-something woman called Hebe who makes a journey to Cornwall after she begins to forget things; Hebe’s niece, Lucy, shadows her to the location but Lucy has a different train of thought from her aunt. It is an intriguing contrast: Hebe is trying to grapple with the idea of what her new reality will do to both her professional life and her love life, whilst Lucy has something to hide.

Child on the Doorstep

The protagonist of the romantic novel is called Angela McClusky who is a widow with a young daughter. She had another child in the past, who was born out of abuse whilst McClusky was still in a married state and was tragically abandoned by her at a workhouse. Angela also has a suitor called Eddie and it appears that her life might take a turn for the better after ten long years but the circumstance soon changes and Angela can no longer run away from times past.

A Perfect Husband

The romantic novel is about a couple whose marriage is suddenly on the rocks: Lily fell in love again with a man called Freddy, even though her first husband had passed away. But Freddy does not turn out to be the perfect man at all because he has incurred big debts owing to gambling; what makes the tale intriguing is that despite this idea that Lily’s life could also be in danger because of what Freddy has done, she can’t seem to makeup her mind over saying goodbye to her second husband.



Winchester (film).png
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Cast: Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson and Eamon Farren
Director: The Spierig Brothers
Rating: 6/10

Winchester easily manages to scare but it does not prove to be memorable whilst doing that. The plot of the film largely revolves around a widow: she is haunted by ghosts killed by Winchester rifles and yet, seeks to aid them; before he died, her husband used to be the financial officer of the Winchester company. The widowed Winchester has also built an odd mansion where a terrifying ghost tries to kill people – the spirit is that of a man who had already turned murderous before he was shot. The constant presence of ghosts in the story is what pulls you towards an otherwise dull film centering on a widow who appears to be a lunatic but is actually a troubled soul igniting feelings of both faith (in her dubious words on ghosts) and sympathy.

Best Cereal Bars

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Sweet and crunchy, the miniature form of cereal-based snacks are perfect for when you need to grab a quick bite

Cereal bars serve as convnient snacks for individuals on the run. As snacks, they can easily fit into your handbag no matter its size and are also tasty, in spite of providing a healthy kick, which means that it can really help you feel good about your waistline. My top picks of cereal bars:

  1. Kellogg’s Coco Pops Choco Bakes Bar (includes chocolates chips)
  2. Jordans Frusli Raisin & Hazelnut Cereal Bars (includes wholegrain oats, raisins and hazelnuts)
  3. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Breakfast Bars Blackberry & Apple (includes wholegrain oats, and a filling of apple and blackberry)
  4. Alpen Light Bars – Summer Fruits (includes a variety of fruits from raspberries to apples, as well a a dressing of yogurt and oats)
  5. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars – Peanut Butter (includes wholegrain oats, a dressing of peanut butter and peanuts)

Top 3 Types Of Bad Girlfriends

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A rotten girlfriend is always the reason why a romance fails for a great man

What makes a bad girlfriend? It is always a woman’s character and the desire to never alter any aspect of it, even when she is really fortunate to get a great man in her life. There are instances in life when a woman must accept that she must change to get where she romantically wants to in her life by valuing this idea that aside from maybe a dear friend, her boyfriend is also somebody worth being an understanding person with. My picks for the top three types of horrible girlfriends:

  1. A clingy woman: A clingy girlfriend is probably the worst type of girlfriend there can be. Such a woman is interested in doing nothing else, except for always wanting to be around her boyfriend and never respecting that side of a man’s nature which always makes him maintain some distance in a romantic relationship – that is a really healthy outlook to have as a person so there can never be any arguments over who is wrong in the picture here.
  2. A woman who does not enjoy sex: Men attach a certain level of priority to sex in a relationship. So, to actually have a man date a woman who is not understanding of that basic need (of a man) isn’t a great idea. It is just sex, it is not like the woman is being asked to try out a dish called ‘baked spicy potatoes with creamy strawberry icing’; all she really needs to do is compromise a little bit because there is seriously nothing wrong in enjoying sex a healthy amount.
  3. A woman who lies all the time: A little white lie never hurts anybody but a total turnoff in a romantic relationship is a woman who lies constantly regarding her looks, her friends and so on, to this really amazing man she is dating. As a man, the best way to tackle such a woman is to break up the moment you find that out about her because the main reason why she habitually lies is perhaps because there wasn’t any other way that she could date a great man.

The Causes Of Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer can be a fatal disease but exercising greater care and also knowing more about it early on can aid with stopping it from being so

Prostate cancer is a disease which mostly men can develop – the cancer matures on the prostate gland and could with time get bigger. Prostate cancer can happen for a myriad of reasons such as a first-degree relative history of prostate cancer, eating habits, smoking, being of African-American descent, height, less exercise and so on.

The most concerning of all reasons is arguably the one that puts men at greater risk of getting prostate cancer quite easily, which for Caucasians (and Asians) are their eating habits; bad habits of any kind should always be avoided because they can obviously be detrimental to your health. When prostate cancer is thrown into the picture (for a man), there is just so much care that needs to be exercised over what you eat daily. When you eat a lot of fat (especially, animal fat), there is a greater risk of getting prostate cancer because when you eat more fat, then your body starts to create more testosterone which can give you prostate cancer faster.

Although, prostate cancer is commonplace among older men really (those over the age of 50), it is not physically impossible for younger men (those in their 30s and 40s) to get it as well. Geographically, the cancer is also mapped like this: there is a strong indication that nations where more men eat meat than let’s say other foods (such as vegetables) because it is a part of their food customs, prostate cancer is more commonplace among men belonging to those nations.

Collecting Recipes

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How to file your favorite recipes

If you are a big food fanatic and love to spend weekends experimenting in the kitchen with different foods then chances are that you will need to think of ways to store all of your creativity. And those ways must also make your kitchen look good by simply turning it into a much happier place with its presence.

Jot & Mark Recipe Card Complete Gift Box | Decorative Tin Box, Recipe Cards, Index Dividers at Amazon
A pretty tin box that comes with beautiful (and lined) recipe cards that are adorned with flowers, which are remarkably representative of the vibrant floral decoration on the box.
Dolce Vita Recipe Card Organizer Binder at Hallmark
A bright recipe organizer that features an illustration at the front and comes with many recipe cards, poly sleeves and sections (such as for vegetables and seafood) to categorize recipes with.
Mickey Mouse Recipe Organizer Book at Hallmark
I love this organizer book because it features Mickey Mouse wearing an apron and a chef’s hat, and carrying a spatula, on the front of the organizer; not only that, the infamous mouse appears quite a bit throughout the organizer actually and there is also plenty of room inside to store all of your recipes together in one place.
Mickey Mouse Recipe Refill Cards at Hallmark
The cards are to refill the organizer book (or actually any recipe organizer) with; I really liked the cards because they look like quintessential ‘Mickey Mouse’ items, with its chalk-like appearance and lined spacing on a paper-like background.


Capsule Review

Rotherwierd is the first book in a trilogy by Andrew Caldecott is and it also includes illustrations by Sasha Laika. The book is about an isolated English village with a difference, the secrets of which look to be quite uncovered because of a new history teacher in town called Jonah Oblong, through Veronal Slickstone – the new inhabitant of what was previously an abandoned manor. There is no shortage of peculiar characters in the book, such as an unreflecting woman and a wild specialist in physics, but what really saves the book from its seemingly banal tone is the town’s rich character – towers with Italian designs, boats chasing each other and an illustrious castle bring to life a place that is so superbly mysterious that the book almost borders on being a searchingly eerie piece of work.