A Fanciful Bedroom

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When purity marries the rich, the result is a bedroom that is hard to forget

One can never outgrow the tales with which they had spent their childhood. An excellent way to soak in that atmosphere is to decorate your bedroom in such a manner that the space always reminds you of those good moments in life.

Bunnies In Meadow Canvas at Next
A piece of art depicting three bunnies in a colorful meadow done on a mix of wood and textile; put it on the wall of your bedroom to invoke an atmosphere of muddy farms.

Hedgehog Tealight Holders at Next
A cute set of a hedgehog family that looks very real and finely detailed; the tealight holders will come in handy during the roughest of nights.

Malvern Side Table at Next
A cream colored side table with a top that resembles wood – the table has a simple and elegant design and is good to store all your bedroom essentials.

Primrose Double Bed at Next
A silver-colored bed that has a metal frame done in a really primitive-looking design; dress it with bed sheets and pillowcases in colors such as cyan, lemon and lavender rose to make you feel a little bit heraldic.