Why Did The Vietnam War Occur?

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The Vietnam War was a local battle over political ideals

The Vietnam War was fought because of a conflict over political ideologies. Vietnam was kind of separated into two parts: one favored Communism and the other opposed it. It all began when Vietnam began to desire freedom from foreign control. Before the end of the Second World War, an alliance called Viet Minh was formed in the Asian nation to make it independent from foreign rule. So, after the alliance had fought off the French and also Japan from controlling Vietnam, the nation got divided into two parts with each part supporting a separate political ideology.

Meanwhile, the aggression that had occurred locally in Vietnam to remove foreign control had frightened the United States because it did not want to see Communism spread. The fear, in my outlook, was not an irrational one: the situation at the time appeared as if the ‘domino theory’ was going to be implemented if Vietnam fell under the influence of Communism because after the end of the Second World War, China had already totally become a Communist power. The ‘domino theory’ suggested that if one nation (in South East Asia) was influenced by Communism, then other nations would follow suit – this would happen similar to how tiles fall in a domino show after the first tile is pushed over.

So then the Vietnam War began in the mid-fifties which lasted approximately two decades. The war had made countries around the world separate and group together behind both camps, as a deadly conflict raged between the two parts of Vietnam.