Wallpaper for your Home

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The right wallpapers for the rooms in your house

Wallpapers make a home look like it is full of life. It can also reveal more about you because of its multidimensional persona. But which wallpaper to get for which room?

Peacock Garden at Style Library
An Indian scenery of trees and animals; get the linen/silver one for your living room to add an exotic flavor to your entertaining space.

Just Jellies – Jellyfish at Spoonflower
A wallpaper portraying jellyfish in various colors, such as red and orange in an ocean – it’s a good choice for the bedroom because it adds a cool element to a room meant to be used for relaxing and sleeping in.

Eat Me Drink Me at Spoonflower
The wallpaper is in a vivid shade of red with very pretty illustrations of items to eat – a great choice for the kitchen.

Painted House at Wallpaperdirect
The wallpaper has various colored houses on it, from brown to green – it would be good for the dining room because it looks something like a panorama out of a holiday postcard.