Furyborn is the first part of a fantasy trilogy and it has got a gripping story: one of the protagonists in the book is called Rielle Dardenne – she is the archetypical woman in love who lays bare that she is either one of two types of prophetic queens when the man she is in love with gets trapped by killers. In order, to determine which type of queen Dardenne is, she must go through multiple trials but they are not ordinary ones – they are of a necromantic sort. In my view, the romantic side of Dardenne’s story is unique: the man she is in love with is called Audric and he is her best friend. Also, the trials which Dardenne has to go through are dangerous and yet, she must go through them, which really makes you feel sympathetic towards the character.

Meanwhile, the second protagonist in the book is called Eliana Ferracora. Ferracora is an infamous huntswoman who goes after offenders in exchange for a reward; her story takes place a thousand years afterwards and interestingly, Ferracora regards Dardenne’s tale as a fantasy one. Ferracora works for a vile organization but her character does not appear to be as vile as the organization she works for. Ferracora’s story suddenly changes course when her mother disappears – to get her back, Ferracora pairs with rebels. The two stories eventually collide but without a doubt it is Dardenne’s tale which really pulls you towards the book because even though it is too mythical, the story feels relatable because of the way that danger and love is present in it.



Wallpaper for your Home

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The right wallpapers for the rooms in your house

Wallpapers make a home look like it is full of life. It can also reveal more about you because of its multidimensional persona. But which wallpaper to get for which room?

Peacock Garden at Style Library
An Indian scenery of trees and animals; get the linen/silver one for your living room to add an exotic flavor to your entertaining space.

Just Jellies – Jellyfish at Spoonflower
A wallpaper portraying jellyfish in various colors, such as red and orange in an ocean – it’s a good choice for the bedroom because it adds a cool element to a room meant to be used for relaxing and sleeping in.

Eat Me Drink Me at Spoonflower
The wallpaper is in a vivid shade of red with very pretty illustrations of items to eat – a great choice for the kitchen.

Painted House at Wallpaperdirect
The wallpaper has various colored houses on it, from brown to green – it would be good for the dining room because it looks something like a panorama out of a holiday postcard.

Why Did The Vietnam War Occur?

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The Vietnam War was a local battle over political ideals

The Vietnam War was fought because of a conflict over political ideologies. Vietnam was kind of separated into two parts: one favored Communism and the other opposed it. It all began when Vietnam began to desire freedom from foreign control. Before the end of the Second World War, an alliance called Viet Minh was formed in the Asian nation to make it independent from foreign rule. So, after the alliance had fought off the French and also Japan from controlling Vietnam, the nation got divided into two parts with each part supporting a separate political ideology.

Meanwhile, the aggression that had occurred locally in Vietnam to remove foreign control had frightened the United States because it did not want to see Communism spread. The fear, in my outlook, was not an irrational one: the situation at the time appeared as if the ‘domino theory’ was going to be implemented if Vietnam fell under the influence of Communism because after the end of the Second World War, China had already totally become a Communist power. The ‘domino theory’ suggested that if one nation (in South East Asia) was influenced by Communism, then other nations would follow suit – this would happen similar to how tiles fall in a domino show after the first tile is pushed over.

So then the Vietnam War began in the mid-fifties which lasted approximately two decades. The war had made countries around the world separate and group together behind both camps, as a deadly conflict raged between the two parts of Vietnam.

Queen Elizabeth II

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Elizabeth II came to the throne after the death of her father King George VI, when she was only twenty-six years old. She is an example of a rare empress: Elizabeth has ruled for the longest period of time in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, is a female monarch and numerous states that she ruled over gained independence during her rule, such as Pakistan and South Africa.

When she was young, it was so that Elizabeth II never pursued an education outside of her house. But before she became the monarch, in spite of her young age, Elizabeth had remarkably demonstrated an active interest in World War II: she had put on pantomimes and also spoke to children moved out because of the war with the help of radio. Elizabeth got married when she was only twenty-one years of age to a cousin – Prince Philip Mountbatten, who was five years older than her. Philip was not a well-off Prince and he was a foreigner, so the relationship was quite far off from a fairy tale one but it has certainly been a relationship which has stood the test of time; the couple has four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

The Queen of Britain has been on journeys to many countries around the world, from Bahrain to Oman. As the Queen, she has had numerous Prime Ministers perform duties for her, such as Anthony Eden and Tony Blair. Elizabeth II is definitely one of the good monarchs among the United Kingdom’s long and illustrious history of royalty.

The Puzzle with Faux Meat

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Can a replacement for meat actually taste good?

As meat-lover, I could never part with the idea of going without meat for a prolonged period of time. But some alternatives to meat can be the tastiest food on the block: tofu, nut roast, tempeh (the healthiest replacement for meat) and paneer, are a couple of good examples which can easily replace meat in your diet, particularly in fried-form, and the meal would taste just as good. In the market, there is also an equally big supply of replacement for meats. Those could be used to make a different edition of your favorite dish and if you are smart then it will be tough to find out the difference until you actually give what you are eating more thought.

A good idea to try this out with is a vegetarian patty. It could easily replace a meat patty to create a burger. But what you will need to do to really make the veg burger almost as tasty as a meat burger is further add between the buns of the burger two or three cheese slices, two sliced onions, enough of mayonnaise (on the white sides of the buns) and also tone down the amount of sliced tomatoes and the size of the lettuce. The idea here is that if you have enough of some of your favorite non-meat foods inside the burger, then eating it will no longer feel like you have to compromise on taste because your burger is going veg.

Top Music Artists (2018)

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Which artist rules music this year?

The best music artists are the ones who have a good range of tracks to flaunt. With their latest albums, these artists manage to endure, not only because of their dispositions but also for the genre they associate themselves with and their vocal qualities; seriously, nobody likes to listen to an annoying artist harp on the greatest of lyrics with a voice that risk giving you a headache. It is, thus, always great when you have your favorite artists to fall back upon all because of their brilliant work. The top music artists of the year:

  1. Maroon 5
  2. The Chainsmokers
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. Imagine Dragons
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Pink
  7. Sam Smith
  8. Kendrick Lamar
  9. Dua Lipa
  10. Halsey

Best New Women-Centric Biographies

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Capricious and intelligent, girlish voices lead you into an ever-evolving narrative of feminism

The latest biographies to be released with a focus on women take a light-hearted approach to feminism: through the discovery of rich experiences in the most mundane of activities which makeup life, one discovers what being a female in the 21st Century is like. My picks of the best of the crop:

Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Adventures in the Ordinary (available at Amazon UK): a book that puts your faith in the quirky side of life and what makes it wonderful.

Woman of Substances (available at Amazon UK): a searching examination into problems of addiction by a female perspective, which really makes the subject very easy to connect with as a woman.

Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook (available at Amazon UK): an interesting account by a chef on what led and inspired her to open a restaurant in Berkley.

Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude (available at Amazon UK): from Istanbul to New York, experience how the cultures unique to a city can best be experienced on your own to craft fine memories.

Our Beautiful Dream (available at Amazon UK): a woman’s journey in life to have it all with quirk and the disordered environment she lands herself in to do so.

The Beauty Suit: How My Year of Religious Modesty Made Me A Better Feminist (available at Amazon UK): a feminist throws out the laborious process of constantly looking good to figure out if that concept of beauty is personally a necessity to feel emancipated.