Baked Sweet Potatoes

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Weekend potato baking – the easy way

Sweet potatoes are an ideal carb alternative, when in the mood for something sweet but a little bit fatty. The great thing about baked potatoes is that it’s purely fuss-free cooking for busy weekends and can also be had on its own. Start by taking four large potatoes and using a fork to cut dot-like shapes into them; also, cut a long line through the middle of each of the potatoes – all this is just to ease the baking process for the sweet potatoes.

Following that, dress a baking pan with aluminium foil and place the sweet potatoes on it. Then, add two tablespoons of butter to each of the potatoes, in the middle, and let it bake. In the midst of baking, take the potatoes out and poke with a fork to find out how much it has baked and also, before placing it back in the oven, split the sweet potatoes open wide (through the cut in the middle) to ensure that the potatoes are thoroughly cooked. Season it with salt and white pepper, and have it for dinner with leftover vegetables.


Chili Sauce

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How to make chili sauce at home

Chili sauce can turn any basic dish into a spicy and better tasting alternative. Ideally suited as a side dish to snacks, the recipe for chili sauce is pretty easy to follow and cook with. What is required are: tomatoes, cooking oil, onions, red and green chilies and salt.

Firstly, slice up the onions, tomatoes and both the varieties of chillies. Secondly, fry the sliced ingredients (with the salt) in a frying pan, until the mix has begun to lightly colour. Finally, transfer the fried ingredients to a saucepan, add some water, and cook until the chillies have softened and also the mixture has thickened.

If it’s hard to estimate how much water is required for the fried ingredients to do both, then you can always carefully add more water until you can observe that the tomatoes have indeed softened, and the mix has thickened, and then just wait for the mix to finish cooking. Serve the chili sauce with fried chicken or vegetable rolls.

French Fries

french fries

French fries are perfect options as a light snack. But how to cook them? It’s very straightforward: after peeling a specified amount of potatoes, let’s say 6 medium-sized potatoes, the potatoes need to be cut into pieces which are shaped as sticks.

I love my french fries crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

So, the golden rule to follow to have the french fries done up crispy, is to cut the potato pieces as thin as the vegetable would allow it. After that, you place the cut-up-potatoes with a measured amount of cooking oil – I would say, three tablespoons of oil, but not before the oil’s heated up in the cooking pot over a medium heat range.

Following that, you fry the potatoes, turning them a fair few times, until the potatoes are soft enough. Then you leave the potatoes to cool for a couple of minutes, at first. After that, the cooking oil should be reheated at a medium heat once more. Then fry the potatoes in the oil to your liking and when done, serve the french fries sprinkled with a very light amount of salt. I try to avoid having a golden brown shade of french fries, whenever I can because it’s not a very traditional option and at a fry-up, golden brown french fries would perhaps require twice as much oil than regular good old french fries.

Top Seven Healthy Foods

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How to eat right during winter season

Losing weight, or staying slim is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy life balance. Which foods to pick? Are they going to taste good? Do I have to compromise on tasty food to stay healthy? What about seasonal vegetables – how do I know if I am going to like the taste of the vegetables that are going to be in the market this year? These are just some of the questions that spring up on my mind the moment talks about staying healthy come up.

But it doesn’t have to be a frightening experience because getting smart with my food choices, at the end of the day is all that’s required to feel happy and stay healthy. I think the beginning of the year is also a good idea to start with staying healthy actually if you have already thrown your new year’s resolutions of getting fitter or eating more healthy foods than ever before, in the dumpster.

Kidney Beans

I feel, kidney beans can easily replace the age-old obsession with chickpeas in the United States. Kidney beans are rich in omega-3s and calcium; it is a legume so a kidney bean curry would be a good vegetarian alternative to a deep fried samosa.


Carrots, when roasted do not lose its health value. So, eating it raw, which often makes it an entirely tasteless prospect is not required. Roasted carrots come with more antioxidants than raw carrots and it is also packed with beta-carotene – good for your immune system and eyesight.


A pumpkin a day? That much eating of pumpkins isn’t required. Pumpkins are good protein, beta-carotene and vitamin B sources. It also tastes good and sweet, and is not a vegetable, with high calories.


With fruits, bananas are always a safe bet. Bananas help with both digestive issues and ensuring a regular flow of blood pressure in your body. Plantains, on the other hand, are not-as-sweet as a ripe banana but still a type of banana, which can be slightly fried in olive oil to make plantain chips; these chips can very tastily be a healthy alternative to potato crisps, as a snack inbetween meals.


Cabbage is a leafy green vegetable and I always like to have as much of that as I can in my salad. I like to have mine crunchy and because its packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and its calorific value is severely low, it is always a good idea to cook boiled cabbage with lemon and butter.

Lean meats

Protein should never be omitted from your daily food intake because eating proteins is a necessity for your muscles, bones, skin and blood. Lean meats do not contain a lot of saturated fat, which means chicken, turkey or lean ground beef can very comfortably be included in your meal plans.


Potatoes are traditionally carbs, they aren’t really considered as veg. But eating potatoes is still a healthy idea because they keep you fuller for longer, and also taste really good.

Meatless Wednesday? Maybe!

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How to incorporate more vegetables in your diet

Eating vegetables everyday is a challenge for eaters who like to actively scrutinise their meals. I cannot live without my regular steaks but I don’t like to live too unhealthy and not have the appropriate amount of veggies too even though the only one that sounds appetising with steaks are a whole lot of lettuce leaves. Here’s how to rework the approach:

Vegetables are not meant to act like a side dish to carbs, such as potatoes, rice or bread. Staple dishes can also be reserved for vegetables once in a while for lunch (in a sandwich maybe?), like for breakfast get scrambled eggs, often but dress it with sautéed vegetables, from peppers to asparagus. Also, when you have leftover vegetables don’t toss it all into the trash can: have it for breakfast or for lunch. 

Your main meal of the day should most definitely have leaves and greens. Have a green salad right before you proceed with the main course because a salad is filled with nutrients and low-kilojoules. It can, as such, act as a leafy appetiser right before you dig into your delicious dinner. One other idea that is worth noting is to try out any day of the week (preferably, one where you get nothing done but countless hours of work) as a meatless day – the drive back home can actually pose more enjoyable with the though of lettuce, poached eggs, cheddar, tomatoes, zucchini and enchiladas on your mind.

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The Foods To Include In Your Diet

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The ancient
oats, originating from the populated (and fertile) Near East, can serve as an
ideal morning snack. It will fire up your metabolism, and you don’t even have
to worry about what to eat as a snack, until lunchtime. Research shows that
people who include less than six grams of dietary fibre in their diet every
day, get considerably fat. Some appetizing ways to eat porridge, include
topping it off with a slice of a banana and sliced almonds.


suggests that eaters who love nuts are slimmer than their counterparts who shun
nuts. Packed with protein and fibre, nuts can also stave off hunger, but which
to pick? Middle Eastern almonds and pistachios are not as packed with kilojules
and fat, so they would be healthier options.

Green Tea

Green tea, a
personal favourite Chinese drink, is a very healthy tea. It helps you lose
weight, according to research, when you have more than five cups everyday,
because of catechins in the green tea. It is indeed a very relaxing drink when
you are a super busy individual + catechins make you more energetic + lose body
fat, especially around your belly.

Cayenne Red Peppers

American Cayenne red pepper with your daily meals curbs cravings for some of
the most fattening-attractive food groups on the planet, such as fatty foods,
salty foods and sweet foods.


American avocado, contrary to widespread belief, is not a fatty fruit. Avocado
actually helps you stay fuller for longer and the monosaturated fats in it has plenty
of health benefits: it keeps blood sugar levels right, and that is essential to
battling hunger.

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Egg Yolks & What To Do With Their Leftovers

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Numerous ways to make good use of egg yolks

Egg yolks can be put to use when they are only in your refrigerator as leftovers. The nature of egg yolks are such that they do not freeze too well and dry up if they remain in the cold and refrigerated state post a day spent in the fridge. Take the yolk and mix it with a little bit of water and place them inside of a coveted container in the refrigerator. If you are careful the egg yolks can remain intact in the water if you only remove them whole, as you want to use them. Aside from that, here are a couple of cooking uses for egg yolks:

Make a creamy smoothie: eggs, protein and omega-3 are the kind of nutrients that makeup eggs. Your smoothie will thus double up as a frothy and healthy drink.

Hollandaise sauce has an egg-base that can be scattered over tasty dishes such as Eggs Benedict and grilled Adriatic salmon, or cloak up steamed asparagus with; the sauce is rich, thick and yellow.

Alfredo sauce has a creamy texture but it is very rich. It’s so rich that you must actually wait for special occasions to delight yourself with the Italian sauce. But crossing out the obvious lack of health benefits to make the sauce a regular thing, whip it up with egg yolks for it is not such a bad idea to your calorie-calculator, to sometimes indulge in ravenous pleasures.

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