Spring Vases

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The best vases to get

This spring, get a vase to house fresh flowers inside your home; it will, in my outlook, evoke the spirit of the present season indoors.

Poole Pottery Flare Asymmetrical Bean Vase at John Lewis
This vase’s coat, in my outlook, slightly resembles the universe and features colors such as dark red, orange plus cerulean; the vase has been manufactured in the United Kingdom from English clay.

Serax Cactus Vase at John Lewis
This vase has been designed in the shape of a thorny cactus; also, it is green in color.

Parastone for John Beswick Lowry ‘Coming from the Mill’ Vase at John Lewis
This vase features a beautiful painting made by Laurence Stephen Lowry (in 1930); the painting is titled ‘Coming from the Mill’ and it portrays people – workers in factories, plus buildings.

Floral Kimono Vase (Blue/White) at One Kings Lane
This blue/white vase has been designed in the shape of a kimono; the kimono has four fastening points and features butterflies, flowers plus leaves.



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The best planters to get

The best planters in the market, this season, can both beautify your home and store plus display plants inside your house.

Celestial Hyacinth Hanging Planter at Urban Outfitters
This hanging planter has a braided container inside a circle which is inside another circle that is bigger in size. The planter is made from water hyacinth plus rattan and it hangs from twine; its design was influenced by the moon’s actions.

Rattan Plant Stand at Urban Outfitters
This plant stand is made entirely from rattan. It has three panels and each panel is arched at the top plus the bottom. The plant stand also includes three rattan planters and each rattan planter has four loops.

Tessie Hanging Planter Holder at Urban Outfitters
This hanging planter has a stripey design (the design includes the colors cream plus white) and it hangs from four lines of plastic beads.

Ferris Wheel Planter at Pottery Barn
This planter is made from sheet metal. It is designed in the shape of a ferris wheel and includes six pots for plants.; the planter is handmade.

Cheap Kitchen Mats

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The best cheap kitchen mats to get

This spring, the best cheap kitchen mats are anti-slip; add one to the kitchen in your house to make the space more personal.

Peppermint Bark Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features the recipe of a sweet called ‘Peppermint Bark’. The recipe has been written using red and white chalks upon a blackboard; the mat also includes illustrations of candy canes and snowflakes.
Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features an illustration with a rustic subject matter and is quite colorful: there are wine bottles, wine glasses (filled with wine), bread plus red and green grapes in the illustration.
Brookwood Comfort Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat is very colorful. It features illustrations of red, orange, yellow and green chilies, plus tiny triangles in colors such as blue, red and green. There are also stripes on the mat in shades such as red and green.
Rivard Utensils Season with Love Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features illustrations of wooden kitchen utensils, a whisk, a red and beige chequered cloth plus a cookbook (with a cover that includes a red and white gingham print plus golden illustrations of a cooking pot and a gravy serving dish).

Cheap Decoration Pieces

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The best cheap decoration pieces to get

This spring, items which paragon the culture of Peru plus Ghana are among the best pieces you should buy for cheap to beautify your home with if you do not have a lot of money to spend on decorating; adding one to your home can demonstrate your cultural taste to guests when they come to your house for a visit.

Water Carriers of Ghana Figurine at Wayfair
This figure has five Ghanian women standing on a brown canoe. The women are wearing dresses in common styles and in colors like yellow plus orange; they are also wearing big round necklaces in colors like purple plus gold and carrying urns.

Coca-Cola Replica 3 Piece Piggy Bank Set at Wayfair
This piggy bank set includes three red piggy banks; two of the piggy banks feature the slogan ‘Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles’ and one of them has a picture of a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Plastic Gold Mine Treasure Map at Wayfair
This brown treasure map features illustrations of a vulture observation post, a gold mine, a chuck wagon track and a direct train called the ‘Pony Express’.

Wattisham Tricolor Pucara Bulls Figurines Set at Wayfair
This set includes three figures of bulls in the shades red, green and blue. Their design was influenced by the legend of the Pucara bull; Pucara bulls can be found in Peru. bull is associated with the time when the Spanish had come to Pucara (an old village). There is a story associated with the bull too: it had used its horn to make a hole in a mountain and bring water to Pucara. The bulls in the set have golden horns and paws; they also feature very colorful prints (including colors such as purple plus green).

Figurines of Dancers

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The best figurines of dancers to get

A figurine of a dancer can be placed in your living room as a decoration piece; when guests come to your house for a visit, the figurine will act as a reflection of your cultural tastes to them.

Nadal Spanish Grace at The Collector’s Boutique
The ‘Spanish Grace’ sculpture (from Nadal) is made from porcelain. It is a sculpture of a Spanish flamenco dancer. The dancer is wearing a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress which has two layers of ruffles at the bottom. There are four editions of the sculpture and in each edition the dancer is wearing the dress in a different color; the colors the dress comes in are: maroon, dark blue, black plus white. The dress also features very colorful diamonds plus hearts. The design of the sculpture was influenced by Antoni Gaudi – an early 20th Century Spanish architect.

A Passionate Dance Flamenco Couple Figurine at Lladro
This is a figurine of a couple: they are two dancers with black hair. The figurine is made from porcelain and it portrays an important element of Spanish culture. The male dancer is wearing a gray two-buttoned jacket and pair of trousers plus a frilly white shirt. The female dancer is wearing a light purple shawl over her chest, pink flowers in her hair and a beautiful white dress; the dress has many layers of ruffles at the bottom and also includes the color light pink.

Our Ballet Pose Dancers Figurine at Lladro
This is a figurine of three graceful female ballet dancers: they are wearing light pink tutus and slippers; the tutus have four tiers.

Ballet Dancer – Figure Small Pop Art Romero Britto at Goebel Shop
This is a colorful figure of a ballet dancer by Brazilian artist Romero Britto. The dancer has vibrant yellow hair and is carrying a nice flower (which is red plus purple in color). She is also wearing a pretty dress: it features blocks of big orange polka dots against a red background and blocks sketches of white flowers against a pink background; the blocks have thick black outlines.

Colorful Cushions

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The best colorful cushions to get

This spring, decorate any plain-colored couch inside your house with a few colorful cushions; it will bring the colors of spring inside the room.

Jean Paul Gaultier Home cushion Morphing bengale at The Cushion Shop
This light beige cushion is called ‘Morphing Bengale’. It features a beautiful applique of a red rose and green leaves; the applique is made from lush velvet. The cushion also has the name of the designer – Jean Paul Gaultier, embroidered in black and white upon a scroll.

Morris & Co cushion The Brook Red at The Cushion Shop
This purple cushion is called ‘The Brook Red’. It features a woodland scenery: the scenery presents a reindeer, two deer, trees with leaves in colors such as blue and green, plus a small blue river.

Morris & Co cushion Strawberry Thief Crimson-Slate at The Cushion Shop
This red cushion features a print of songbirds amidst olive green leaves, red strawberries and white flowers; it also has olive green piping. The design of the cushion was influenced by a discovery which Morris had made at his countryside home; he had once discovered songbirds robbing fruits.

Linen House Fernanda Cush at Linen House
This dusty rose cushion was influenced by British colonial design: it features a red parrot atop a big teal-colored leaf; the parrot’s wing has colors includes the color mustard as well and the cushion also has teal fringes on all sides.

Great Easter Gifts

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The best items to gift during Easter

This Easter, give more than just delicious chocolates to important people in your life; they will really appreciate the gesture.

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wooden Dominoes Game at John Lewis
This collection of wooden dominoes feature different types of illustrations, such as that of Peter Rabbit plus a watering can against backgrounds in colors such as yellow and jade – a great present this Easter for a friend’s child.

Large Peter Rabbit at M&S
This Peter Rabbit plush toy is very cute (and big): it is light brown in color and wears a blue-colored (removable) jacket (with golden buttons); the plush toy also has a sketch of Peter Rabbit underneath it’s right foot plus the words ‘M&S Est. 1884’ underneath its left foot – a great present for anybody who loves to own plush toys.

Hilltop Garden Collection: Salad Plates at Pottery Barn
This collection of salad plates feature beautiful artworks of animals (swans, chicks, a brown rabbit and a white rabbit) amidst flowers in colors such as blue, red, white plus yellow – a great present for someone you know who loves to often throw dinner parties.

Rae Dunn Spring Enamel Tray at Kirklands
This tray is made from metal and it is white in color; it has a nice black trim plus handles and also features a brown Easter basket containing many colorful eggs (in shades such as blue and teal) atop the word ‘Spring’ (in the color black) – it is a great item to serve food in and will make a good present for someone you know who loves to often host barbecues.