American Music Awards (2018) Forecasts

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The songs and (the stars) that should win this year

The winners of the American Music Awards (AMAs) this year are set to be revealed later on today. The AMAs is more than forty years old with previous winners including Shania Twain, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Drake is one of the music artists who has earned the most number of nominations this year. I think the Canadian star securing so many nominations demonstrates the kind of music plus music artists which will probably win at the AMAs this year and that means songs which can’t really be deemed too melodious in spite of the fact that they are famous plus music artists who, more often than not, exhibit songs of that type as part of their latest album release or body of work.

In my outlook, the wins at the AMAs should reflect the total opposite – music artists who regularly sing songs which have a good dose of melody, for example as artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift do, plus songs of that type should win instead because those deserve to be applauded more. My picks:

Artist of the year: Ed Sheeran
New Artist of the year presented by Capital One: Dua Lipa
Collaboration of the year: Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be
Tour of the year: Taylor Swift
Video of the year: Camila Cabello (Feat. Young Thug) – Havana
Favorite Social Artist: BTS

Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock: Ed Sheeran
Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock: Taylor Swift
Favorite Duo/Group – Pop/Rock: Maroon 5
Favorite Album – Pop/Rock: Ed Sheeran – Divide

Favorite Male Arist – Soul/R&B: Bruno Mars
Favorite Female Artist – Soul/R&B: Rihanna
Favorite Album – Soul/R&B: Khalid – American Teen
Favorite Song – Soul/R&B: Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock: Imagine Dragons
Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary: Shawn Mendes
Favorite Artist – Latin: Daddy Yankee
Favorite Artist – Electronic Dance Music (EDM): The Chainsmokers



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Beyoncé is an American music artist. Her full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles and she was born in Texas on September 4, 1981. Beyoncé is the winner of eight American Music Awards, twenty-two Grammy Awards and twenty-four MTV Video Music Awards.

Knowles’ first claim to fame was, arguably, as part of the all-girl music group: Destiny’s Child which during the early days was called Girl’s Tyme. Initially, other members of Destiny’s Child were Kelly Rowland, La Tavia Robertson and LeToya Luckett. However, later that changed to only include Rowland plus Knowles and a new singer called Michelle Williams. Their first album, which was also called Destiny’s Child, was released in 1997 and it had performed only satisfactorily. But their second album – The Writing’s on the Wall which was released in 1999, ended up as a big hit.

The Writing’s on the Wall, in my outlook, signaled the arrival of Destiny’s Child as an R&B group to be reckoned with. The music group only released two other studio albums before disbanding though and Beyoncé, who had embarked on a hit music career of her own whilst the band was still together, continued with her music efforts in that direction – in an individual capacity.

As a solo artist, Beyoncé has to her credit, hit albums such as Dangerously in Love and I Am…Sasha Fierce. Beyoncé has also starred in several films, such as Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Pink Panther and Dreamgirls. Knowles tied the knot with Jay-Z (an American rapper) in 2008 in a marriage ceremony in New York. Beyoncé and Jay-Z had actually worked together on several tracks before getting married to each other; the two also have a daughter together who is called Blue Ivy Carter.

Top 5 Male Music Artists (2018)

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Which male artist rules music this year?

In my outlook, what makes a great male artist is when the artist avoids too much experimentation with different musical genres; I think the songs on their latest album release should be in the type of sound which had previously worked for them well. My picks of the top male music artists of the year:

  1. Justin Timberlake
  2. Charlie Puth
  3. Snow Patrol
  4. Shawn Mendes
  5. 5 Seconds of Summer

Top 5 Female Music Artists (2018)

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Which female music artist rules music this year?

In my outlook, what makes a great female music artist are the songs which she sings – they must be good; I think the music artist’s latest album release should contain good tracks – something like that is a demonstration of the fact that she is the type of person who can generally be associated with quality songs too. Also, it really helps if these artists can perform well and have interesting dispositions. My picks of the top female music artists of the year:

  1. Anne-Marie
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Bebe Rexha
  4. Hayley Kiyoko
  5. Nicki Minaj


MTV Video Music Awards (2018) Forecasts

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The music videos (and stars) that should win this year

The winners of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) are set to be revealed on August 21, 2018; the nominations for the music awards this year has been dominated by a few stars such as Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino. But which stars and music videos deserve to win? In my outlook, what makes a great music video is its capacity to entertain and what makes an amazing music star is whether or not you can depend on them to continually release great tracks because their recent body of work makes it possible to do that. My picks:

Video of the Year: The Carters – Apes**t

Artist of the Year: Ariana Grande

Song of the Year: Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Best New Artist: Lil Pump

Best Collaboration: Jennifer Lopez (Feat. DJ Khaled & Cardi B) – Dinero

Push Artist of the Year: Noah Cyrus

Best Pop: Shawn Mendes – In My Blood

Best Hip Hop: The Carters – Apes**t

Best Latin: Daddy Yankee – Dura

Best Dance: Zedd & Liam Payne – Get Low (Street Video)

Best Rock: Linkin Park – One More Light

Video with a Message: Childish Gambino – This Is America

Best Cinematography: The Carters – Apes**t

Best Direction: Childish Gambino – This Is America

Best Art Direction: The Carters – Apes**t

Best Visual Effects: Maroon 5 – Wait

Best Choreography: Childish Gambino – This Is America

Best Editing: Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do


Glow is a web television series. It is a comedy and a fictionalized portrayal of a successful professional wrestling promotion which used to air during the eighties; the promotion was called ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ and it had only female performers. What makes Glow interesting is that the professional wrestling promotion is portrayed to have begun simply as an amateur production which was managed by a ruined film director but then it found great success; also, quite interesting about the television series are the lives that these women which are part of the promotion lead (expect appearance of an ex-friend, finding of infidelity, plus more) and the pretty costumes which they wear.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is not your average teen drama. It is a serious and gripping show that highlights the problems which can plague youngsters. The show has a tragic story: a teenager called Hannah Baker loses her life because of suicide and leaves behind some tapes which Baker recorded prior to her death that outline the rationalization behind her taking her own life. Then a boy who had a crush on her – Clay Jensen, tries to unearth the mystery behind Baker’s death with the aid of the tapes. The show definitely runs into a controversial slant when it is revealed that a well-to-do boy called Clay Jensen rapes two girls (Baker and Jessica Davis) but nonetheless, what it does well is traverse through the darker side of social discourse: 13 Reasons Why showcases how bad kids can act towards you when you are just that type of kid who is only busy trying to lead his or her life and in doing so, it makes those potential problems more widely known in a very gripping way.