Star Wars has named new planets in its intergalactic universal sphere: Tatooine, Endor, Naboo, Jakku…and now Takodana, Starkiller Base, D’Qar and Hosnian Prime. Speculation suggests the new planets will involve battles, and act as the “hip” residence of the First Order, as well as a resistance base.


Barbra Streisand, despite being an iconic film actress hasn’t picked up a script to direct in years. It was back in 1996 when Streisand made The Prince of Tides (1996) but she will soon be back on that chair for a royal film about Catherine The Great. The subject is interesting and rare having served on the Blacklist for such a monumental delay in filming: it covers a young Catherine coming to terms with her newfound power post-1762. Her husband’s assassination led her to take over the crown’s responsibility – Catherine found herself in an abusive marriage that she was suddenly freed from following the assassination and used that royal opportunity to transform the Russian Empire.

Matthew McConaughey stars in The Free State of Jones, as Newton Knight, a fellow from Mississippi. He is a loyal Confederate during the American Civil War but then later fails it and takes a group of similar minded trops with him to carve out the Free State. In the film, Newton acts as the protagonist – Knight also marries a slave, which charts the first publicised mixed race marriages in the South, fought against the Confederates from within the newly created state. 

Eddie Redmayne is fresh from winning an Academy Award for The Theory of Everything, where he portrayed a much younger Stephen Hawking. Post that remarkable win, what has he been busy with? You will surprise yourself if you think any kind of film has managed to grab his attention, high up on that mantle, but a good subject has, though – that of a crossdressing woman.

Sensational art and medieval Europe interlink as a character emerges from the shadows, who has gone thgorugh multiple sex-surgeries, to settle on her identity, for The Danish Girl. From 1930 onwards she went through these experimental surgeries to shift her sex and fastly changes her name to Lili Elbe.

Come take a look at all of the exclusive stills from the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious film: Fast and Furious 7. Does it make your heart skip a beat? Don’t lie! Do you have the guts to go along for the ride? Do you really, really, do? Because some of your favourite stars are back in this edition of the action movie too, from Paul Walker to Vin Diesel. 

The mantra of the film seems to be along the lines of : “It will take every little thing away from you, if you mess with it, because even though baddies aren’t afraid to sink low, these kids aren’t afraid to magically rise high (and how!), to battle it all out for worthy purposes”. 

But why don’t we wait to see how the film picks itself up from where it last dropped off, since the crew are still hoping for a more peaceful life, than the previous films had (shockingly!) permitted it? There is nothing quite like the breathtaking scenic shots captured on film, alongside that of fast-rising action stunts! Don’t argue with good action films!

The Fantastical Universe of Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

George Clooney makes a stunning return to the silverscreens, in a sci-fi film, that is as mysterious as its poster, playing a terrible inventor, terrible at practically everything, he does. The spaces in the film, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, covers a town in a time far off from today’s, and the wizardry is special, in the sense, that you cannot locate the town, unless you are particularly gifted, and so very few are. 

Walt Disney gains a reference in the film for having the mechanical controls of the tiny little mysterious land and all of the magic that unfolds here, each and every day. He is a titanic futurist, in love with space travel, rocketry, futuristic cities, and space travel. We have navigated far-and-wide but we still cannot fathom what could transpire in this little town, aside from maybe science-magic: isn’t that just divinely suspenseful?

A Look At The Revenant

High from an Oscar-win, Alejandro González Iñárritu, has embarked on a new kind of film-making adventure. Just as dark as the film, that won for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year, The Revenant, brings to the audience the true story of a vengeful 19th Century fur-trapper. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an American frontiersman, who has gained fame in the American West because of his wild antics. Born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents, he was drawn towards the Upper Missouri River, for its naturalistic beauty and its breathtaking wildlife diversity. He is a little bit of a folk hero, who got mauled by a wild grizzly bear, and as a result, he embarked on a cross-country trip.

When Glass responded to an advert put out in a local Missouri newspaper, little did he know what fate had in store for him. He was permitted to join a corps of some 100 men, to cross-country travel across the primary river in the state, because of a fur-trading episode. Hugh is a very hardworking young man, but he is not very eloquent: he often gets wounded, really badly, but accommodates helping others out, when they are in a much less unfortunate position than him. This clash of ignorance/caring works against his character, on more than one occasion, and stops people in their tracks from relating to him, as anything remotely humane or as an independent and ambitious, young individual, with their own priorities in life.

The film is not really about a hunting adventure, as much as it is about betrayal: Hugh is left to die with his injuries, because his “fur trapping team mates” believe that he will not survive the injuries caused by a mother grizzly bear, when Hugh attacks her. Leaving him to die, after partially digging out a grave, interrupted only by the intrusion of other more fearful wild animals, and incorrectly reporting to the media, that Glass has died, they run away. Glass is then left to fend for himself after regaining consciousness, as he tries to dodge unfriendly Indians, wild animals, without any tools to protect himself.

Vengeful and wounded, as he proceeds to head back home, he discovers that the people who left him to die all went ahead and completed the expedition, without him, and landed some of the most covetable top jobs in spaces, such as the United States Army. His anger at betrayal from all corners is hard to fathom, but he manages to restrain it because he wants to look forward to a better future, with other people he has met on his journey, that unfold a much bigger and brighter future for him, than the one he had signed up for in Missouri. The film is on-location at the moment and is expected to continue until mid-2015; Calgary, with its near subzero temperatures has been chosen as the perfect place to shoot a film based in the chaotic backdrop of early 1800s America.

This is a time, that clashes with the dark days of Victorian London! This is because in America, people are too busy exploring their land’s horizons, rather than grappling with slum dwellings en masse, poverty and young men out to prove themselves, and strike it big, professionally, leaving behind what can only mean, the start of something very huge and innovative! Although, the days are still dark, there is a tumultuous atmosphere inbetween Colonialists, the colonised, and advancement of civilisation is relatively slower, than back home in a city that is steaming-ahead: London.