The Awesome Batman & Superman

The new trailer for Batman vs. Superman is here and it features Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck playing the superheroes. Far from getting along, the two heroes are busy arguing about what they can see wrong in each other: Bruce Wayne isn’t warming to the glorification of Clark Kent, in the newspapers, while Kent himself isn’t very amused by the bat-star’s never-ending menacing vendetta against crime in Gotham City.


Charlize Theron stars as the protagonist in a thriller film that is based on a Gillian Flynn novel – this is the trailer of the film: Dark Places, and it is hoping to make a smash in British theatres. The plot revolves around a young seven-year-old Libby Day personally bear witness to the murder of her family, possibly because of a Satanic cult. She later testifies against her brother as the one responsible for it but the film takes a dramatic turn quarter of a century later. Nicholas Hoult appears infront of an older Libby (Theron) and she is made to come to terms with unpleasant aspects of the case and reassess her understanding of the tragedy in a dangerous environment.

The Official Trailer for Room

Room is a very important novel in the Man Booker Prize archives of shortlists and longlists. Inspired by a real-life story of a young woman, who was imprisoned by her father in the basement for many years, and how he fathered several children with her, in the process, this is a dark and absorbing tale of limited visions. The protagonist in the book is Jack. Jack lives in a room with his mother (Ma) and the room is both comfortable and tiny. He has never known anything else in his life, apart from the contents in the room and the two people who live there. 

Ma does not have the means to provide Jack with the life he craves so he makes her son believe that the outside world is only real on television. Ma works very hard to keep her son mentally happy and physically healthy, giving him a good selection of food, watching over his television-binging habits and also posing as a worrywart over his upkeeping of day-to-day life choices, such as brushing your teeth and looking after your skin. Jack knows one other person in his life: his mother’s rapist, Old Nick. 

Nick visits the two only at night, when Jack is sound asleep hidden inside a wardrobe, so he never actually gets the chance to talk much with him. Nick brings them regular food and the required amenities, and Jack still does not know that the two have been prisoned inside the room, since the last seven years, after Ma was kidnapped at the age of nineteen. When Jack has turned five, Ma discovers that Old Nick is unemployed for six months now, and is at a peril of losing the roof over his head. 

Terrified that Nick will kill them before he sets them free, Ma hatches a plan to save her family. Ma convinces Nick her son has a terminal illness and eventually tells Nick he has died. Jack is wrapped up in a rug, with the idea implanted in his head by his mother, that he must seek help, once he is out of that door. That is just what Jack does, even though the outside world now seems disturbingly new to him. 

After stints at mental hospitals, temporary homes, moral and legal justice cases over what they had to go through all this time in near-solitary confinement, the duo try to heal from the wounds and adjust to the new world but do so very badly. Ma tries to commit suicide but recovers from it, so the two then start to live in a new building complex, and their “happily ever after” finally unfolds after emotionally detaching themselves from the sordid experiences felt at Room, all these years, following a visit, that posed as one of the biggest challenges to them.

The film adaptation remains true to the storyline and has been produced by Film 4. Room is set to be interesting because it must feel so refreshing to be completely devoid of comfortable human emotions and begin a new life, as if it is your very first day on Earth, after all these terrible experiences in isolation and a life-that-had-not-yet-been-lived-like-it-was-supposed-to, finally. It is never too late to start improving!

The Official Trailer for Black Mass

Black Mass is about James Joseph Bulger (Johnny Depp) – an Irish-American convicted murderer, and a former organized crime head. As the brother of a former President of Massachusetts Senate, James was prosecuted for nineteen murders. He began his career working for the FBI, for which the organization would illegitimately ignore his reportings on secret assignments; he had lucrative access to an Italian-American criminal family. 

James was listed as a wanted figure for 12 years, and forced into hiding for even longer, when sections of the media exposed how he was responsible for amass corruption and criminal actions, within the state, through an implementation of gang warfare. His crimes were heinous, and James Joseph Bulger was almost as hated in America as Osama bin Laden, not-to-mention, gravely embarassing for the FBI to even be remotely associated with, in some measure or the other. 

James was finally arrested in Santa Monica, California, in an apartment in the year 2011 but it was tough because he underwent repeated facial reconstructions to hide his identity – James is now serving life imprisonment in a Florida prison. It was only possible to capture James when agents at the FBI learnt of his wrongdoings and decided to double cross him, and eventually prosecute him for his crimes against the FBI.

The Official Trailer for Beasts of No Nation

Beasts of No Nation is coming to a television screen near you, this autumn. Starring Idris Elba as a mentor to a young boy, who has been abducted into a brutal military training regimen, the film is about the pitfalls and challenges, which comes with being a child soldier in Africa. Elba is the Commandant here and he is ruthless in imparting his skills to the young boy, which is a good change of pace to how we are used to seeing the young British actor, on-screen.

The Official Trailer for Ted 2

It has been quite some time since we have been anticipating our favourite funny animal making a return to our nearest cinema screen and it won’t be before long, that it does. Although, folks here do not have to wait any longer because the film is already here (prance around, with big furry toys), the movie is slated to hit theatres in the United Kingdom on July 10. A gamut of stars, from Liam Neeson to Patrick Stewart are all back once more to take you travelling into a whimsical (and funny) world of obnoxious jokes.