Great Easter Gifts

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The best items to gift during Easter

This Easter, give more than just delicious chocolates to important people in your life; they will really appreciate the gesture.

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wooden Dominoes Game at John Lewis
This collection of wooden dominoes feature different types of illustrations, such as that of Peter Rabbit plus a watering can against backgrounds in colors such as yellow and jade – a great present this Easter for a friend’s child.

Large Peter Rabbit at M&S
This Peter Rabbit plush toy is very cute (and big): it is light brown in color and wears a blue-colored (removable) jacket (with golden buttons); the plush toy also has a sketch of Peter Rabbit underneath it’s right foot plus the words ‘M&S Est. 1884’ underneath its left foot – a great present for anybody who loves to own plush toys.

Hilltop Garden Collection: Salad Plates at Pottery Barn
This collection of salad plates feature beautiful artworks of animals (swans, chicks, a brown rabbit and a white rabbit) amidst flowers in colors such as blue, red, white plus yellow – a great present for someone you know who loves to often throw dinner parties.

Rae Dunn Spring Enamel Tray at Kirklands
This tray is made from metal and it is white in color; it has a nice black trim plus handles and also features a brown Easter basket containing many colorful eggs (in shades such as blue and teal) atop the word ‘Spring’ (in the color black) – it is a great item to serve food in and will make a good present for someone you know who loves to often host barbecues.


Anthropologie’s Summer Outdoor Collection

Anthropologie has launched an outdoor collection for Summer 2019 and it comprises of many beautiful weather-resistant pieces. The collection incorporates rattan furniture pieces, such as chairs, and was influenced by the natural world. Some of the pieces which are part of the collection are as follows:

  • Vallarta Stool: The stool comes in four different colors: blue, pink, grey plus citron and it is very artsy in design; the stool is handcrafted plus manufactured from ceramic.
  • Handcarved Lotus Daybed: The daybed has been designed with nice flowers and it is manufactured from teak wood; it was influenced by flowers native to Myanmar.
  • Woven Bistro Dining Chair: The dining chair was manufactured from rattan and it features a chequered design; also, it comes in two different colors (black and blue) plus the design of the chair pays tribute to Parisian cafes.
  • Woven Bistro Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart: The bar cart has been manufactured from rattan and it has a storage space for whisky bottles plus two shelves for drinking glasses.

Dolce and Gabbana X Smeg

Dolce and Gabbana (a luxury fashion label) have launched a collection with Smeg (a manufacturer of home appliances). This is not the first-time the two Italian brands have collaborated together: they had also previously worked together (in 2016) on a collection centered on (colorful) fridges. The newest collection is called ‘Sicily Is My Love’: it comprises of a very colorful range of mini kitchen appliances, such as juicers and toasters, hoods, fridges plus cookers. Some of the items which makeup the collection are as follows:

  • Espresso Coffee Machine: a red coffee machine featuring illustrations of a mask and a horse-drawn cart.
  • Refrigerator with Sicilian cart decorations: a blue-and-white refrigerator featuring illustrations of the Sicilian coast plus an Ancient Greek temple.
  • Hood with majolica decorations: a blue-and-white kitchen hood featuring an illustration of a very old temple which has been destroyed; the temple used to serve as a refuge during the 1300s.
  • Kitchen with Sicilian cart decorations: a yellow cooker which has been decorated with various other colors as well, such as red and green.

The collection was inspired by Italian customs: one part of the collection was influenced by puppet theater and carts which have been hand-painted and the other part was influenced by majolica (a type of pottery).


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The best pens to get

This winter, let pens make a statement about you; buy pens which feature a print or an adornment that showcases a side of your character.

Pig hugging twist ballpoint pen at Paperchase
This is a great pen for animal lovers – the pen is gold in color and it has a pig attached to its bottom; the pig is white in color but its snout, paws plus ears are gold in color as well.

Rainbow Rain mechanical ballpoint pen at Paperchase
If you love rainbows then this pen is for you – the pen is mint in color and it features a print of white clouds plus colorful rainbows.

Hot Sauce green fluffy ballpoint pen at Paperchase
If you love to sometimes add hot sauce to your food, then this pen is for you – the pen is light neon green in color and it has a light green fluffy tail end. Also, a red hot sauce bottle (with a green cap) is attached to the pen’s bottom; the hot sauce bottle features the words ‘Hot Damn!’.

Soy Sauce red fluffy ballpoint pen at Paperchase
If you love to sometimes add soy sauce to your food, as well, then this pen is for you – the pen is red in color and it sparkles too; it also has a red fluffy tail end. Also, attached to the bottom of the pen is a black soy sauce bottle (with a red cap).

Winter Candles

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The best candles to get

This winter, get a candle to relax plus de-stress after a busy day at work.

Spring’s Eden Tin Candle at Anthropologie

This collection from Illume presents four different types of candles: Coconut Milk Mango, Pomegranate Peony, Red Berry Amber and Wild Honeysuckle. Each candle comes in a unique tin case (with a lid) and when lighted each will release a unique smell as well; get the Coconut Milk Mango one – it will release a smell which is mix of mandarin orange, mango and vanilla.

Coconut and Lime Verbena Soy Candle at Dusk

The candle is housed inside a mint green glass jar and it will burn for thirty hours and also release a smell which is a mix of coconut and lime; the jar comes with a copper lid too plus inside a teal package which features bronze dots.

Bergamot, Magnolia and Musk Peacock Candle at Dusk

The candle is housed inside turquoise glass jar (with a gold bottom) and it will burn for thirty hours; the jar will come inside a turquoise package featuring an artwork of a peacock plus when you light the candle, it will release a smell which is a mix of bergamot, musk and magnolia.

Crushed Pineapple and Wild Strawberries Lion Candle at Dusk

The candle is housed inside an orange glass jar (with a gold bottom) and it will burn for thirty hours; the jar will come inside a pink package which features an artwork of a lion plus when you light the candle, it will release a smell which is a mix of strawberries and pineapples.

The Miniature Sitting Room

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How to decorate a small sitting room

You cannot place a lot of furniture or decoration pieces inside a small-scale sitting room. So, you should definitely beautify the room with fewer pieces like a lampshade which very easily draws attention.

John Lewis & Partners Florentina Velvet Lampshade (Blue) at John Lewis
The beautiful blue-colored lampshade has been made from velvet and it features a magnificent brown-colored floral print; add it to the sitting room so that you always have sufficient lighting when you want to read books.

Contemporary Armchair Vintage Style “Olesya” at 1stdibs
The armchair is green in color and its legs are colored gold and black; it is quite uncomplicated plus sophisticated in design.

Kylie Minogue Eliza Silver Cushion at House of Fraser
The pewter-colored cushion features tassels which sparkle because of pewter-colored sequins – keep it on the armchair to showcase your glamorous side.

Croft Collection Bubble Glass Lantern at John Lewis
The glass lantern features both trims plus a handle made out of old-style brass and also a bubble effect – place a tall candle inside the lantern and light it whenever you want to spend a relaxing night in.

Copper Cookware

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The best copper cookware to get

Copper cookware are not just beautiful to look at, they also heat food much faster; this means that food cooks faster in them than in cookware made from other materials.

Chasseur Escoffier Saucepan With Lid at Everten
Auguste Escoffier was the inspiration for this Chasseur saucepan; Auguste was a French chef and writer. The outer surface of the saucepan is made of copper and it comes with a stainless steel lid.

Falk Classical Line Copper Oval Au Gratin Pan at Falk
This pan has an outer surface of copper and its handles are manufactured from cast iron; you can use the pan to fry and braise food as well.

Scanpan Maire D’ Casserole (No Lid) at Everten
The outer surface of this pot (from Danish brand, Scanpan) is made from copper whilst its inner surface plus its handles are made from stainless steel.

Fish poacher with rack La Cintura di Orione at Alessi
This fish poacher was manufactured with guidance from French chef Roger Verge and it includes a grill which can be pulled out. The poacher can also be used to do things other than the poaching of food; you can also use it to steam and braise food.