The Miniature Sitting Room

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How to decorate a small sitting room

You cannot place a lot of furniture or decoration pieces inside a small-scale sitting room. So, you should definitely beautify the room with fewer pieces like a lampshade which very easily draws attention.

John Lewis & Partners Florentina Velvet Lampshade (Blue) at John Lewis
The beautiful blue-colored lampshade has been made from velvet and it features a magnificent brown-colored floral print; add it to the sitting room so that you always have sufficient lighting when you want to read books.

Contemporary Armchair Vintage Style “Olesya” at 1stdibs
The armchair is green in color and its legs are colored gold and black; it is quite uncomplicated plus sophisticated in design.

Kylie Minogue Eliza Silver Cushion at House of Fraser
The pewter-colored cushion features tassels which sparkle because of pewter-colored sequins – keep it on the armchair to showcase your glamorous side.

Croft Collection Bubble Glass Lantern at John Lewis
The glass lantern features both trims plus a handle made out of old-style brass and also a bubble effect – place a tall candle inside the lantern and light it whenever you want to spend a relaxing night in.


Copper Cookware

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The best copper cookware to get

Copper cookware are not just beautiful to look at, they also heat food much faster; this means that food cooks faster in them than in cookware made from other materials.

Chasseur Escoffier Saucepan With Lid at Everten
Auguste Escoffier was the inspiration for this Chasseur saucepan; Auguste was a French chef and writer. The outer surface of the saucepan is made of copper and it comes with a stainless steel lid.

Falk Classical Line Copper Oval Au Gratin Pan at Falk
This pan has an outer surface of copper and its handles are manufactured from cast iron; you can use the pan to fry and braise food as well.

Scanpan Maire D’ Casserole (No Lid) at Everten
The outer surface of this pot (from Danish brand, Scanpan) is made from copper whilst its inner surface plus its handles are made from stainless steel.

Fish poacher with rack La Cintura di Orione at Alessi
This fish poacher was manufactured with guidance from French chef Roger Verge and it includes a grill which can be pulled out. The poacher can also be used to do things other than the poaching of food; you can also use it to steam and braise food.


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The best coasters to get

Coasters are perfect items to place underneath drinks, such as milk and juice, to protect the top of your dining table.

Les Affiches Coaster Set at The Gallery Shops
This pack of six coasters have each been printed with a different French poster – all done in a post-impressionist style; the posters include an 1897 advertisement of the Moulin Rouge and an 1893 poster featuring items such as a hot air balloon plus characters which entertain.

Simon’s Cat Tea Cups Coaster at Simon’s Cat Shop
The coaster is peach in color and it has been printed with an illustration of Simon’s cat with its feet inside three teacups, depicting the cat’s naughty side.

Library Coaster Set at Out of Print
This pack of four coasters all bear a library card design and they come in a range of colors, from red to green; if you buy a pack then it will provide finance for projects which help people to red and write plus book handouts for needy citizens.

Moomin Comics coaster set 1 at The Official Moomin Shop
This pack of four coasters in colors such as red and green, have been printed with very funny or really interesting comics featuring the character – ‘Moomin’ in setups which poke fun at its figure, sees it witnessing the closing of a bar, talking about a bikini and grabbing a drink.

Bedroom Wallpapers for Children and Teenagers

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The best wallpapers to get for the bedroom of a child or a teenager

The perfect wallpaper for the bedroom of a child or a teenager, in my outlook, is one which reflects their interests, for example: reading books or watching movies. So, as a parent or guardian, pick one out for them which does that.

Walt Fairytale Castle Mural Wallpaper at Murals Wallpaper
This wallpaper features a wonderful castle (which is pink in color) against a beautiful blue sky (which is filled with sparkling stars); the wallpaper would be perfect for the bedroom of a little girl who loves to read fairy tales.

Whimsical Cabaret at Cole & Son
This colorful wallpaper features a lively print of a cabaret – a type of show-business which amuses, which is inclusive of an artwork of orbiting dancers; the wallpaper would be perfect for a teenager’s bedroom.

Osborne & Little Wallpaper (Penguin Library) at Just Kids Wallpaper
This wallpaper features a colorful collage of the covers of paperbacks by Penguin (a British publishing house), such as Wuthering Heights (by Emily Bronte) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (by George Orwell); the wallpaper would be perfect for the bedroom of a teenager who loves to read.

Lion King Jungle Wallpaper at Wayfair
This wallpaper features a print of The Lion King; it includes many of the Disney film’s characters including Simba, Nala and Scar; the wallpaper would be perfect for the bedroom of a child who loves to watch cartoons.

Neon Signs

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The best neon signs to get

A neon sign can be added to any room inside your house. In my outlook, it is a really innovative way to light up a room because neon lights differ greatly in design from traditional lighting items, such as light bulbs.

Boom at Sygns
This neon sign features the word ‘Boom’ which is enclosed inside an explosion sign. When lighted, the sign displays the following two electric colors: white and yellow; it would be a great addition to a living room.

Florence at Neon Poodle
This neon sign is in the shape of a flamingo; when lighted, it displays electric shades in the form of a light pink body and a red beak. The neon sign would be a great addition to a child’s study room.

Ugh Neon Sign Table Lamp at Urban Outfitters
This table lamp features a neon sign which spells out the word ‘ugh’; the word is further enclosed inside a heart. When lighted, the table lamp displays a pink color; the lamp would be a great addition to a teenager’s bedroom.

What’s your flavour? at Electric Confetti
This neon light is in in the shape of an ice cream; the ice cream has three scoops: one small pink scoop, one blue scoop (with colorful sprinkles decorating it) and one turquoise scoop, atop a yellow cone. The neon light also has a black border which further adds to its beauty; the neon light would be a great addition to a bedroom.

Pop Art Items

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The best pop art items to get

Pop art is a type of art which materialised during the fifties. It incorporates the use of pictures from popular culture to draw attention to the routine aspects of a particular culture.

Pop art Glass Sculpture by John Miller, Curlies, Blown Glass Installation, 2008 at 1stDibs
This pop art sculpture was made by John Miller. It depicts a red ketchup bottle and a dish of curly fries. Miller is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and he works in various roles at the Pilchuk Glass School; John’s art is also included in many permanent collections, including the collection at Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Johnny Taylor Skyward at 1stDibs
This very colourful pop art painting features items such as an airplane and a portion of the Paramount Pictures logo. The painting was made by Johnny Taylor, a graduate from the University of Memphis who has had his art displayed at various exhibitions, including Arts At The Airport, Nashville International Airport, Nashville, Tennessee and the Affordable Art Fair (2013), Seattle, Washington.

Robert Sgarra Oh No Daffy! at 1stDibs
This pop art puzzle piece was made by French artist Robert Sgarra. It features a painting of Daffy Duck and Pinocchio. Sgarra is a self-taught artist who has had his work displayed in various exhibitions, including the Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up Store in Cannes and Art3f in Lyon.

Kaws Kaws Black Dissected Companion, 2018 at 1stDibs
This is a dissected sculpture of a famous character by KAWS: the sculpture shows the insides (for example: the brain and the intestines) of the character in a colourful manner. It was put out in association with the exhibition ‘KAWS: Where The End Starts’ at the Modern Art Museum at Fort Worth in Texas.

Winter Rugs

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The best rugs to get

During winter, a rug becomes a type of a necessity because it covers a large area of the floor and, in comparison to bare floors, provides a relatively warmer place to stand on.
Tufted Jardin Rug at Anthropologie
This navy-coloured rug features flowers and leaves; the rug is very colourful too with colours featured ranging from cream to purple. It would be a great addition to a bedroom floor.
Rebeka One-of-a-Kind Hand-Knotted Rug at Horchow
This handcrafted rug is made from wool. It has a traditional design and features many colours (this is inclusive of the colours blue and green); the rug would be a good addition to the floor of a sitting room.
Cypress Rug(Teal/Yellow) at One King’s Lane
This rug has been made in Turkey and it has a traditional design. It also features colours such as pink and yellow; the rug would be a good addition to a dining room floor.
Juliet Rose Bouquet Black at Rifle Paper Co.
This rug has been made by Indian artisans. It is made of wool and features flowers in colours such as red, cream and pink; the rug would be a good addition to the floor of a study room.