Christmas Crackers

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The best Christmas crackers to get

Christmas crackers are items that are wrapped in pretty papers, which when pulled apart by two people reveals a small gift. They are great items to hand out to guests at parties to pull apart during the holiday season.

Flamingo Christmas crackers (Set of 6) at Paperchase
Each Christmas cracker is golden in color and features an illustration of a Christmas tree and a flamingo; the crackers are also tied with pink ribbons and includes presents such as a small notebook and a yo-yo.
Rainbow Glitter Christmas crackers (Set of 6) at Selfridges
These six Christmas crackers are fashioned in separate colored glitter in colors such as red, golden and blue and also tied with ribbons; each cracker contains a present, a motto and a holiday hat.
V&A Alice in a Winter Wonderland Celebration Christmas Crackers at Caspari
This set of six Christmas crackers are each one foot long, fashioned in gold or white paper which features florals and also includes 3D die-cut appliqués which feature characters from the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ such as the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts; each cracker includes a crown made from tissue paper, a trinket and a joke.
John Lewis & Partners Rainbow Sprout Dodger Luxury Christmas Crackers at John Lewis
This set of six crackers are fashioned in a paper which features colors such as red and green; each of the crackers contains a hat, a joke, a snap and an item, such as nail clippers and a tape measure.


Secret Santa Presents

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The best Secret Santa presents to get

Secret Santa is a setup in which you must get a present for a friend or a coworker but you have to give it to them anonymously.

John Lewis Partner Santa Hand Towel at John Lewis
This green-colored hand towel features several different illustrations of Santa Claus, such as Detective Santa and Cycle Santa; it will add a festive atmosphere to your bathroom.

Novelty Pinball at M&S
This small pinball game has a Christmas design. The game involves using the plunger to throw a pinball and score points; this will help Santa Claus gather all his presents.

Vintage design Natural History Museum notebook at the Natural Museum History Shop
This notebook features an imprint of a colorful poster from the twenties by Edward McKnight Kauffer; the poster was produced by the Underground Electric Railways Company – get this notebook to fulfill all your writing needs.

Popcorn Pencil Case at John Lewis
This pencil case features red and white stripes and a print of buttery popcorn – it’s a great option to store all your stationery items (for example: pens and pencils) in.

Christmas Globes

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The best Christmas-themed water or snow globes to get

This holiday season, get a Christmas-themed water or snow globe and place it upon a desk or on the window sill to give the room a wonderful festive atmosphere.

Santa Christmas Night Water Globe at Kirkland’s
This water globe is designed in the shape of a red-colored lantern and inside it has glitter water plus a scene of Santa Claus underneath a Christmas tree and unpacking presents from his sack.

Santa Phone Booth Light-Up Confetti Lantern Snow Globe at Hallmark
This snow globe is designed in the shape of a red-colored telephone booth; inside the booth, there is swirling confetti plus a figure of Santa Claus talking on the phone.

Large Sleigh Ride Musical Snow Globe With Light at Hallmark
This snow globe features plenty of Christmas scenes, such as snow-covered trees and a red-colored cottage with wreaths upon its windows; the snow globe also plays the tune ‘The Holly and the Ivy’.

Christopher Radko Nutcracker Suite Snow Globe at Macy’s
This beautiful snow globe features characters from The Nutcracker (for example: the Mouse King and Marie); the base of the snow globe is an open book and there are swirls of sparkle inside the globe.

Fall Bakeware

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The best bakeware items to get this fall

This fall, make baking time fun with bakeware items which provide a means to add fall-inspired motives to your baked goods. Also, it doesn’t hurt to stock up on a few measuring cups in your kitchen cabinets to make adding a few of the ingredients whilst baking, a piece of cake.

Nordic Ware Fall Loaf Pan at Williams-Sonoma
This loaf pan features shapes of a pumpkin patch and is made from cast-aluminum. Use it to bake your favorite cakes (for example: chocolate cakes and sponge cakes) this fall.

Fall Pie Crust Cutters (Set of 6) at Williams-Sonoma
This colorful set of pie crust cutters in colors such as red and orange, can be used to make interesting cutout motifs upon the crust of any pie that you bake; the motifs which you can make range from a turkey to an acorn.

Williams Sonoma Autumn Leaf Piecrust Cutter at Williams Sonoma
This round piecrust cutter features a motif of oak leaves; it will cut a motif of oak leaves into the top crust or the top of a pie.

Copper Measuring Cups (Set of 4) at Crate and Barrel
This set of measuring cups includes cups of various sizes. The whole set is made from copper-plated stainless steel; use it to measure ingredients, such as sugar and milk, during baking.

Mashed Potatoes

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How to make mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are often served with roast turkey and gravy for Thanksgiving dinner. The dish is actually really easy to make and because of that it can also be made part of dinner on any day of the week. The ingredients which you require to make mashed potatoes are as follows: ten Yukon gold potatoes, 1tsp of salt, 5tsp of butter, 1tsp of white pepper and half a cup of milk.

At first, boil some water in a cooking pot. Place the potatoes in the water and boil them until they have turned soft; you can check that this has happened by inserting a fork inside a potato. Following this, drain the potatoes and mash them with a potato masher. Mix the mash with white pepper, butter and salt. Then, heat milk in another cooking pot and add the potatoes to it to make the mixture creamy; stir the mixture well. Serve the mashed potatoes hot.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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How to decorate your table for Thanksgiving dinner with your family

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States and during it you gather around with members of your family and eat a good meal. This year, on Thanksgiving Day, opt to both decorate your dinner table with items and serve dinner to your family in serveware which celebrates the holiday.

Park Avenue Puppies Harvest Dinnerware at Pier1
This dinnerware set includes a plate and a mug; both are illustrated with images of cute dogs and pumpkins during harvest season. Serve your family their Thanksgiving meal comprising portions of roast turkey, mashed potatoes and other items of food on the plate and a hot drink in the mug.

Plymouth Turkey Salad Plates at Williams-Sonoma
This salad plate is made of porcelain and it features a very nice painting of a turkey. The plate earns its inspiration from English pottery from the 18th Century and it is just perfect to serve any salad to your family during dinner that you have made yourself.

Botanical Pumpkin Tablecloth at Williams-Sonoma
This tablecloth is made of cotton and it features illustrations of pumpkins, vines, leaves and acorns; decorate your dinner table with it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Rustic Table Turkey Decoration at Hallmark
This very nice table turkey is over one foot tall and is made of artificial grass, pine cones and other materials. Place it on the dinner table and next to the main dish of the meal – roast turkey.

Plates for Children

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The best plates to get for children

The best plates in the market, this season, are plates which include some type of illustration. These illustrations include amazing characters from books so serving your children their meals in these plates can also make them feel interested to know more about them or their worlds.

Captain America Melamine Dinner Plate at Target
This melamine dinner plate features a very nice artwork of the Marvel superhero Captain America, plus an artwork of his shield in the background.

DC Comics Melamine Divided Plate (from Bumkins) at The Sleep Store
This melamine Plate has four compartments which make it easy to separate different items of food; two compartments feature an illustration of Wonder Woman and the surface of the plate also has a design of white stars on a blue background.

Dr Seuss Melamine Divided Plate – Cindy Lou (from Bumkins) at The Sleep Store
This melamine plate has four compartments and each compartment includes a very nice illustration of Cindy Lou (a character which appeared in a book by Dr. Seuss); the surface of the plate also has a design of pink and white polka dots.

Batman Melamine Dinner Plate at Target
This melamine dinner plate features the symbol of the superhero Batman in black and yellow, plus an illustration of a city skyline in the background.