Butter Bean Burgers

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How to make butter bean burgers

Butter bean burgers are good vegetarian and healthy alternatives to hamburgers. They can be eaten for lunch as well as dinner, and can also be served to guests during parties if they do not mind eating something entirely vegetarian for the evening. The ingredients which you require to make the burgers are as follows: four burger buns, butter beans, breadcrumbs, one egg, one potato, olive oil, chili powder, cilantro leaves, lettuce leaves, two red onions, two tomatoes, mayonnaise and five spring onions.

Firstly, boil the butter beans in a pot of hot water; when the beans have grown soft, drain the water and transfer the beans to a food processor and mash them. Secondly, dice the spring onions and cilantro leaves, and mix them in with the mashed butter beans, egg, potato, breadcrumbs and 3 tsp. chili powder. Thirdly, make four round patties out of the mix.

Following that, heat some olive oil in a pan and place the patties in the pan to fry them until they have turned golden in color. Whilst the patties are frying, spread mayonnaise over the bottom of each burger bun. Finally, slice the tomatoes and red onions in circular shapes and place them inside the burger buns along with lettuce leaves. Also place the patties inside the burger buns; the patties must be sandwiched between the tomato and onion slices, and the lettuce leaves. Serve the dish hot.


A Young Girl’s Reading Room

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How to decorate a reading room for a young girl

The perfect reading room for a young girl is that space inside a house where she can read all that she wants to in solitude. The space does not necessarily have to be big but it must be decorated with really pretty essentials.

Dollhouse Bookcase at Pottery Barn Kids
This white bookcase is in the shape of a dollhouse and has eight cubes acting as shelf space and two drawers to further hold items as well; each cube can be used to organize reading materials by genre (for example: historical fiction and fantasy) for a child.

Emily & Meritt Sequin Garland at Pottery Barn Kids
This beautiful garland has triangular shapes made out of sequined material in colors such as bronze and silver; it can be hung on the wall to pretty the reading room up.

Disney Princess Kids Upholstered Chair with Sculpted Frame by Delta Children at Walmart
This pink and purple chair features prints of the following Disney princesses: Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel; the chair can be used for a child to sit on and read a book in total peace and quiet.

Wildkin Olive Kids Mermaid Blue Area Rug at Wayfair
This is a colorful rug featuring illustrations of three lovely mermaids and different types of marine life; it can be placed in front of the bookcase to provide a means for a child to browse through the books in the bookcase before selecting one to read on the chair.

The Study Room

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How to decorate a study room

A study room is that space for a child or a teenager which they can use to learn. It should prioritize comfort but it should also be a room that looks very good.

Stromborg Table at Knoll
This is a very nice table which can be used as a study table: it is sufficiently large and also uncomplicated in design; choose this particular combination – a clear glass material for the top and orange as the rail color.

Audrey Soft at Kartell
The ‘Audrey Soft’ chair from Kartell comes in more than ten colors: choose the black and red color chair to pair with the table to have a study chair which is very remarkably bright and bold.

Ridge Road Décor Ship 2-Piece Wood Bookend Set In White at Bed Bath & Beyond
This is a very beautiful set of two bookends; its design consists of a classic ship which is split in half – a student can use the bookends to arrange their school books every term.

Refresh & Reboot mixed A7 exercise books – set of 8 at Paperchase
A set of eight exercise books in various colors, like yellow and green; they are numbered 1 to 8 and also stitched in design – they are perfect to use for both schoolwork and homework.

Excellent Mugs

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The best mugs to get this autumn

A mug is typically used to drink something hot, like coffee. And the best mugs in the market this season all feature beautiful illustrations.

Moomin 70 years Special Edition mug by Arabia at The Offical Moomin Shop
The mug features a beautiful illustration of the Moominhouse – the place that the Moomins call home; the Moomins are fictional characters who had first appeared in a 1945 book by Tove Jansson.

McLaggan Smith Educational Dinosaurs Mug at John Lewis
The mug features remarkable illustrations of a bunch of dinosaurs along with their names – the mug is just perfect for anybody who is fascinated by dinosaurs.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Mug at shopDisney
The mug features beautiful artwork of characters from the Disney film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms; the illustrations are pretty colorful and the mug also has a lovely golden handle.

Disney The Seven Dwarfs’ Grumpy Ceramic Mug at Hallmark
The mug features a sketch of a dwarf from the Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Grumpy; Grumpy is an ill-tempered but efficient dwarf.

The Home Office

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How to decorate your home office

In my outlook, the perfect home office is one which has a big desk and a comfortable-enough chair. A large desk is really useful if or whenever the nature of your work is such that you must reference many books or other similar materials to get it done – this is because there is enough room on the desk to spread items all over. Also, when you have to spend many hours working, a comfortable chair will ensure that the experience does not become an extremely tiring one.

Gavin Desk at Pottery Barn
This is a black desk which has striking handles and enough drawers plus shelf space to provide ample room for your storage needs.

Hayes Tufted Swivel Desk Chair at Pottery Barn
The desk chair is padded which means that it will provide an ample amount of comfort; the chair is also upholstered in a material which is light in color, has a frame and legs that are crafted from brown solid birch and moves on casters.

Gacinia Desk Lamp by Uttermost at Concept Furniture
The desk lamp is plated in brass and it has a hanging glass globe – it is just perfect for whenever extra light is required to get work done.

Nemesis Now Wyrm Dragon Desk Tidy at Amazon UK
The desk tidy features a sitting green-colored dragon which is simply amazing in design – use it to store pencils, pens and rulers on your desk.

Vanilla Cupcakes

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How to make vanilla cupcakes topped with colorful icing

Cupcakes topped with colorful icing are great options to eat as desserts daily because they are rather simple to bake. The ingredients which you will need are butter, sugar, icing sugar, milk, four eggs, vanilla extract (for example: McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract), food coloring (for example: Chefmaster Neon Food Coloring) and flour.

Firstly, take the butter out of the refrigerator and leave it in the kitchen for one hour to soften it. Secondly, take a cupcake tray and fill them with paper baking cups; then take a bowl and mix the softened butter well with the eggs, sugar, flour and 2tsp of the vanilla extract. Thirdly, fill the baking cups with the mix and place the tray inside the oven. Bake until the cupcakes have turned a little golden brown in color; also, insert a fork into the cupcakes to check if they have baked – if the cupcakes have hardened then they are done.

After that, prepare the icing for the cupcakes: mix the remaining of the softened butter well with icing sugar, food coloring, 4tsp milk and 2tsp vanilla extract. Then use a pipe bag (for example: Wilton Professional Decorating Bag) to decorate the cupcakes in a colorful swirling fashion. Refrigerate the cupcakes and serve the desserts cold.

Summer Dates

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Five great summer date ideas

Going on a date in the summer means making the most of the unrelenting heat. It also means creating romantic memories which will last a lifetime and experiences which you will want to repeat next summer.

Eat ice cream together
Go to an ice cream shop over the weekend to have a romantic experience; just order your favorite flavor of ice cream, like tutti frutti and catch up with each other about how both of your weeks been.

Go on a picnic
For a picnic for two, prepare a small picnic bag with the essentials – a few sandwiches, paper plates and books to read together and just head to a nearby park to have a very relaxing date.

Go shopping together at the farmers’ market
The farmers’ market should be filled with fresh summer produce, such as apricots, blackberries and mangoes. Go out on a shopping date to the market and share with each other how much you know about these fruits and what to do with them once you get back home.

Have a barbecue
Talk to your significant other about hosting a barbecue and then invite your friends over to it. Cook some summer recipes, like grilled vegetables together, and just chat with your friends about your future plans together as a couple.

Go to a botanical garden
If you both have a mutual interest in plants, then going on a date to the botanical garden is a great idea because the place is filled with flowers, plants and trees which are in full bloom during the summer; the date will both offer the opportunity to explore and enjoy these various types of plant life together.