The Great British Seaside

An exhibition at the National Maritime Museum recently put on display more than one hundred photographs from photographers such as Simon George and Tony Ray-Jones. The photographs are from the sixties onwards, and they do a good job in capturing British people’s feelings, sentiments and moods regarding their sea sides. The exhibition has presented great shots of seas and people enjoying them, plus beautiful shots of British sea sides when it was pouring. In my outlook, the photographs showcases very special angles of British sea sides, such as the relationship it shares with the evolution of bathing suits over the course of many years and also the manner in which different people enjoy the British sea sides.


A Superhero’s Life

A Superhero's Life



Crazy Obsessions: Clean Waters

Crazy Obsessions: Clean Waters



Seasonal Vases

Seasonal Vases



The Sideboard In The Hall

The Sideboard In The Hall