Sex When You’re Busy and Young

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When your calendar is filled with dates reserved for having fun with your many friends, birthday parties of your friends’ young children, and precious ‘me time’, it’s really tough to be in the mood to make room for sex with a romantic partner

It’s hard to find time for sex when you are in your thirties because there is so much to do, from going out on the grocery run to completing that project by the deadline (yet again). In these times, cultivating a romantic relationship is hard enough, let alone, finding time for sex but there are still foolproof ways to do it all: having sex might seem like a routine after a point in time, especially if that sex involves with the same (romantic) partner but if it’s your favourite routine, then that makes it a lot easier to look forward to it, when you have other things going on in your life, that is constantly inviting your attention a lot more.

Sex should also be something to enjoy: ideas range from sex in a public restroom or an empty movie theater, when you are in the mood to do something naughty, but everything doesn’t always have to be something so risky because being non-risky doesn’t automatically equals to something boring – taking a trip together can spice things up in the relationship (for sex too) because new places create different experiences.

Another drawback to being a young busy couple, is the thought of pregnancy and how now having sex isn’t simple anymore – most women can have sex before their delivery date, but if you work with your partner on this, the problem should still get resolved over which ideas are the best to choose when you are both having a baby. What’s even more challenging, in my opinion, is to have sex after a baby is born: sneaking in time for sex inbetween daily activities, having sex when your kid is with your parents, or when a babysitter is looking after your child, are good options.

Me time is the only time of the day, I wish I had more of, because it gives me the opportunity to just relax with a good book or a great movie. I would hate it if I had to give up a portion of this to spend time with a boyfriend because friends don’t have that expectation of you but sometimes you have to choose: do a trip to the movies by yourself, every once in a while and keep the other dates on your calendar, which were chalked as moments to enjoy a movie at home, as ‘sex nights’, instead – the change in the routine might even invigorate you and your romantic relationship.


Seven Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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The 14th of February should always be a date to remember

Valentine’s Day is almost here. In fact, it’s only a week away. I don’t have anything planned for this big romantic day – and most certainly, got nothing on my mind that involves plenty of romance. I think for me the ideal activity to be indulging on Valentine’s Day would be to just grab my best mate and make him sit with me at the cinema. I know it’s not the wildest idea and there is no dinner involved at the movies, unless scrumptious hot dogs count, but La La Land is playing and it’s better than staying inside in my PJs and doing nothing at all. But if I had to get romantic, these date ideas would be ideal. Not only are they seasonal, they are also like a real life fairy tale and perfect.

A cold sleigh ride

Sleigh rides always remind me of Christmas. But because it is winter, they can also double up as a romantic idea – you should try it out atop snowy hills because the thrill (and beauty of the scenery combined) will make for an amazing experience.

Go to the ballet

Ballet is so romantically creative. Just to watch dancers on stage in their costumes perform to beautifully orchestrated sounds and a neat script is a treat in itself but it’s always great when you have your partner to share those moments with.

Shop for groceries from the farmer’s market

Seasonal vegetables, such as lettuce and onions can be scouted for from your local farmer’s market. This is one shopping experience that can actually be paired with your date, but make it a day-effort – the fresh veg that the two of you will pick out also needs to make up your impromptu dinner date.

Play a game

Board games and solitaire are two of my favourite ways to waste time. A game night sounds like the perfect idea because for a change you get to be one of the boys, with your guy – for your boyfriend, it would be just like a game night with the boys, except there are no requests for seriously annoying time outs from him or the whole ‘his boys, but they aren’t your guys’ all because you don’t find gambling as fun as a pretty dress, cheesy pizza and gabbing.

Snuggle with a scary book or a scary film

This is a good idea because just remembering The Shining scares me, which is why reading horror novels such as those are best kept when you have your boyfriend for company – like on the night of Valentine’s Day.

Ice skating

Right, this date might really be for people who can skate but don’t be put off by that: just make sure whilst skating like a pro (for the first time) that you only fall in the snow, when your boyfriend is not looking.

Throw snow balls at each other

I would never promise myself that I wouldn’t get carried away throwing snowballs at my date, on a date – just the thought of him laughing because he thinks I look like a kid in my jumbo woolly coat makes me want to rapidly throw bigger and bigger snowballs at him to win it and turn his smile upside down. But the flip side of this date is that it is also very cute, really fun and so cheap.

How To Spot A Cheater

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It is the most awful feeling in the world: getting cheated upon. But perhaps nothing can cushion the blow that comes from the excuses that a cheater will give you when discovered. Here’s how to spot some of the most common ones:

  • He never meant to hurt you.
  • Monogamy doesn’t come towards men.
  • He loved you very deeply when he finally slept with her, last night.
  • He doesn’t do clingy for too long.
  • You did not meet his needs.
  • He needed closure from what he thought was a relationship on the verge of a breakup.
  • He wants to get back together but you will never forgive him.

The New Kind Of Homelife

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What is the family structure of today and how does society influence it?

Women of today have a lot of privileges that earlier on wasn’t open to them. They are increasingly finding it easy to have an education post-school, they nurture both competition and a career and even enjoy leisurely pursuits, such as travelling. However, this role-change has not seen them prioritize only themselves, their jobs and a paycheck. Women still want to have a family, want to enjoy motherhood, raise their children and that also in a stable and emotionally-secure environment.

As a white-collar worker, a celebrity or a celebrity homemaker, women also have other needs and desires from life, that men don’t, for the most part. This evolution of thought in what it means to be a woman is affecting how relationships are working out, what kind of families are being formed, nowadays.

Economic changes nationally impacts on how a society functions, which in turn influences how a family works – what opportunities they have, what pressurises them, how they are affected by the newest social norm, what they think of the social values that are raging through the papers. In Australia, as the population size increases, so does the number of people getting married – you see less of it during any recession, and more of it when there is a war, or during the aftermath of the war.

Young marriages were very prevalent in the seventies in Australia but now the average has jumped from an approximate of 23 years to an approximate of 29 years (pre-70s, the national average was 26 years).

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So, how does the changing norms affect the woman of today? In a family structure, the kind of education options made available to the children, determines the happiness index of the family because the more of a high-achiever the children are, the better perception a society has of that family. Similarly, an improved housing arrangement means that families on lower incomes do not have to shelve out money on rent or mortgage payments – that money is meant to be kept safe on food and healthcare provisions.

A low income and a lack of affordable housing options also means that families have to live with relatives, in bad and derelict neighbourhoods, and become homeless. Low-income jobs also create the diaspora of the ‘working poor’, who are stuck at jobs with no particular future. When a provider in the family gets fired, it affects the family and a constant shift in the workplace environment can begin to take it’s toll.

Many families in metropolitans have to live through difficult circumstances in hard-pressed economic climates – some even turn to a life of crime and drug dealing to afford a family life. The children who are a part of the family come to view a life of crime as a perfectly alright means of earning an income, as wrong as that might sound.

One other important family life experience that is changing is: increasing teen mobility. Teenagers love to live away from the homelife when at college, sometimes they start families of their own young and then you have many who gain employment at a young age. These kids aren’t there to have meals with their families any longer, like they did during their childhood, so it influences the family structure because of a gap in quality time spent doing fun activities together, like mowing the lawn and talking about the latest in Coronation Street.

How To Deal With Divorce…

Was your former lover, really something more than a bad romantic choice?

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Divorce or separation from your loved one can be one of the biggest challenges that women face today. It is tough for young women to let go off their romantic entanglements. As a sex, they prioritize the idea of marriages, of children so when they find the ideal guy because of whatever sensible reason, separation hits them harder than it does many men because they can see that some of their longstanding dreams will never come true.

But as an individual, it is a good idea to absorb these ‘new realities’ in your life. Except, just how exactly? Divorce rates are significantly falling from the national average (USA!) of slightly higher than 45percent but this doesn’t mean that the challenges to making a relationship work has faded away into nothingness in the 21st Century – the change isn’t that much from the ‘90s.

When you are divorced, one of your first tasks should be to give less of a damn about your former man. It is so easy to say you will never get over him, will still be curious about him but why should you put in that much effort for a has-been? If you have children then focus on those positives in your life because that is one dream you have accomplished and it is also someone you can always count on, unlike a man.

If your children are driving you crazy, then spend time away from them, like on a closeby spa visit and indulge in some fine-luxury treatment for yourself, such as a Swedish massage. When healed, look for another partner – someone you have more in common with, than your previous lover. Don’t be scared! This time you are better prepared!

If during the healing period you have bad thoughts for your former boyfriend, it’s best not to dwell in them because who knows how affected he is or is not by the breakup? The easiest solution is to wallow in self-pity…or watch How To Make An American Quilt, with dark chocolates.

Why Do Marriages Fail?

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Men and women are from two different planets, they say. One is from Mars, whilst the other is from Venus. As a result, no matter how progressive or advanced of a girl you are, chances are that you are still so different from your partner. You eat a different way, communicate a different way, and even shop a different way. Women are often so shaken up over their past relationships that they find it hard to move on from the experiences. It’s not so much the lingering feelings, which undoubtedly time can heal, as it is the cheating, the betrayal, the insensitive attitude towards leaving her.

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They often find that upon breaking up, those men immediately began dating another woman. This woman does not seem concerned in the slightest that he left his previous girlfriend after 10 years, all suddenly because he no longer felt the same way about her. The truth is that the relationship was probably fraught with problems: drug addiction, uncontrollable rage, too much interest in sex, constant wandering eye and having to live with the fear if he will ever take the plunge there (he is a reformed bad boy, for you, he says so, you think so too, but for how long?), too much emotional baggage (can’t deal with his wife remarrying, even though they divorced 15 years ago), hyper-sensitivity, too much jealousy, there is a limit to how much a person can tolerate, both man or woman.

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But because they do not talk over it, or even if they do there is a basic gap in that communication, women misunderstand why that marriage broke up. So, that relationship has been ending for a really long time, you just ended up missing the warning signals. A holiday with the family, business trips he took to Chicago, lack of intimacy for a continued period of time, his regular working late pattern (what is always keeping him THAT busy?). Don’t be afraid to talk about matters, voice your opinion, because otherwise your relationship will end. In America, from the 1970s onwards, marriages have been failing by-large: somewhere around 40percent of women leave their marriages. Not to go into families, where a secular attitude let’s a partner’s perspective towards monogamy slide, often, in favour of a clear and present marriage, but sexual infidelity is a big game-changer for many married women.

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It is the single most common source of divorce, despite partners taking vows everyday that expect them to remain faithful to each other. Cohabiting couples have a greater chance of breaking up than married couples, and they also have nothing to call back their faith in a relationship, because they never took vows. Women nowadays want divorces more than men do, because they can afford it. As society progresses, women no longer need to be tied to an unfaithful relationship because there’s been a complete overhaul of how things work for women now in their lives.

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Women want separate things from a relationship, and it is most certainly more than just babies, a home or a fast car. A revolution in our society has already made it simple to have all of these for a woman by themselves, and they no longer need a man to provide it to them. They want intimacy, romance; they want to connect with their partners on a level deeper than sexual, and this for both homemakers and working women. Reasons for divorce vary from one woman to other – it can go from “emotional abuse” to “unresponsive to needs”. You have to let go of a partner that is no longer there for you because only then can you start something excitingly new. Make sure you have recovered your sense of place once more, first though. When dating the wrong guy or even the right guy in the initial stages, many women lose sight of themselves, and this is a big mistake they make because the guy will eventually lose interest in all the “put on” behaviour when he cannot locate the real you, he wanted to date in the first place.

People You Should Never Trust…

When you are conversing with a newbie, if you can spot any of this shady behaviour, then bolt, before you feel trapped in a dead-end social gossip route:

  • This guy does not understand what is “Nando’s”. Are you kidding me? Where are you from?
  • A hairdresser who knows just what is right for you. They never do. Read up before getting an appointment, so that you know exactly how your hair is supposed to look like, after your regular Toni&Guy visit is wrapped up.
  • People who have never watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. = Are you serious? What else is funnier than that…your aunt cheating with her neighbour?
  • Kids that do not like cheese. WHY? Total freak! How do have you pizza even to begin with?
  • People who think Zara doesn’t carry a good range. Utter nonsense. The Spanish high street brand carries absolutely everything, even homewares.
  • Ppl who txtspk whlday. How hard is it to string a few words together? It really will make you look less of an idiot.
  • People who don’t use emojis.
  • Any that doesn’t consider animals to be cute.
  • People who can resist chocolates.
  • Kids that don’t like the idea of breakfast. Seriously? This much hatred for muffins and omelettes?