Top 5 Continents To Travel To

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Which continent is the greatest to travel to?

I think it is not easy to choose the best continent to travel to because the changing face of the world means that continents always get better with time. So, what makes a top continent? In my outlook, the greatest continent in the world is one which constantly preserves its historic sites but also has great contemporary additions such as amusement parks and shopping malls; also important, is a big variety for historic sites and contemporary additions which can be found in the number of countries that comprise a continent – it means that going on a big (and wonderful) journey across a continent, from one great country to another, can be a possibility with a few continents. My picks:

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. North America
  4. Australia
  5. South America

Top Summer Holiday Destinations (2018)

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The best countries to take a holiday to this year to escape the unbearable summer heat

Where is best to go on a holiday this summer? It really depends on what your expectations are from a holiday; normally, taking a holiday in the summer can really mean two things – finding somewhere cooler to migrate to and taking a well-deserved break from hard work that every single year only seem to do nothing more than just drag on and on. To have a perfect holiday this year, look no further than these hot destinations:

  1. Belgium: the European country gets cold enough in the summer months and is thus ideal to take in the beautiful landscapes with total comfort; a starting point, should always be paying a visit to the canals.
  2. Northern Ireland: Ireland gets even more colder than Belgium but even if you can’t forget the long winters that you left behind only a couple of months before summer, the European country is still perfect enough to take a holiday to in the summer; tasting the beer and eating a whole lot of pub-food sounds inviting enough to bring back home plenty of good memories.
  3. Serbia: Serbia’s close proximity to Africa means that it can occasionally get warm but the evenings are still chilly enough; the whole point of taking a holiday to a Eastern European nation, I feel, is that you get the opportunity to experience rather offbeat landscapes in comparison to the rest of Europe and also take in history that is too rarely explored but just so rich and vibrant.

Where to go on a safari?

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Some of the best parks to go on a safari to are located in Africa

Whilst picking somewhere to travel to for a summer holiday, what are the factors to consider? Sunshine and lush landscapes are two good options, which is why Africa would be so perfect. Africa’s offerings of the best opportunities in the world to go on safaris means that observing a lion from a jeep never appears impossible.

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is a good park to go on a safari in – the park is really old and perfect if you like to drive yourself (whilst on a safari) to observe all of the amazing animals, such as the giraffe. Other good options include the Etosha National Park (in Namibia) – it offers the opportunity to observe the cheetah and antelope, as well as the Masai Mara National Reserve (in Kenya) – it is spectacular in the summer for all of the wildness which animals exhibit here when they are on a stampede.

Favorite Holiday Spot

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A destination in Europe is always the best spot to take a holiday to

Choosing a location to take a holiday to is a really subjective idea. For me, the best holiday spots always have to be somewhere in Europe. Europe, as a continent, is steeped in plenty of history – it has so much old architecture, which with its architectural styles, at least, help to piece together cultural puzzles that have been held across time and all over the world. There is also familiar food, good weather, nice hotels, great beaches, and opportunities to practically ‘shop till you drop’; there is not much more that one could really ask for, in my opinion, when going on a holiday.

What I find architecturally-beautiful in Paris

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Paris is a perfect idea in the summer – when the seasonal Asian heat becomes a boring routine, Europe’s pleasant summers look like great opportunities to trot around the French capital, taking in the breathtaking sights, one at a time.

Getting around in Paris is very easy because the city’s transport system is well organized. The Métro (Paris’ rapid transit line) will effortlessly take you where you want to go but it’s always a good idea to take a city map along, as a first-time traveler, because they are really good guides. But where to go?

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is perhaps the most well-recognized piece of architecture in Paris. It is almost as if the Tower is a globally recognized symbol of France, and it’s no wonder why because the Eiffel Tower’s overwhelming wrought iron structure is a memorable piece of living history from the late 19th Century. An elevator (or the stairs, if you are in the mood for a slow-climb) will take you to the second floor, and this is the tallest building in Paris, so expect a great look into the French capital, when you get to the top of the Tower; there’s also an evening light show, which happens at the Tower, and it’s a magnificent vision of golden lights for five minutes.


Sainte-Chapelle is a French cathedral, done up in Gothic design, and up until the 14th Century, French kings used to call it home. Imposing and beautifully French, the cathedral is a must-see because of its medieval style and its enormous stained glass collection from the 13th century. Sainte-Chapelle is such a story of survival, as well – the French Revolution had  damaged the cathedral, and it was later, very finely restored in the 19th Century.

Place de la République

Place de la République sits right atop République’s Métro station and after busy times of taking in sights (and too much to walk around to see during your holiday), it provides a calmer alternative for travelers to enjoy Paris, on a quiet stroll. The square gets its name from the French Republic and since its inception in the 19th Century, Place de la République, overwhelmingly breathes just the same.

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